Chobani Newbies and Kroger Winner


A few weeks ago, the nice people at Chobani sent me a package with some of their newest flavors to try out, along with some coupons and a fun lunch box!

I was pretty happy to get this package because there aren’t many places around here that sell Chobani, and the ones that do sell it don’t have very many flavors.

I really liked the Verry Berry Chobani Champion flavor. As for the mango, eh….I’m not saying it wasn’t good, but I just don’t like mango to begin with. So, I’m probably not the best person to judge that flavor regardless. But I do love that they’re making some more flavors in the 2%!

However – I was seriously happy to find this one in the package:


Lemon! And I have to say – it’s really good! I don’t think it’s as good as their pineapple, but I really enjoyed the lemon flavor.

And… since it’s Friday and I picked the lucky person yesterday and didn’t announce it yet, here’s the winner of the Kroger Cart Buster Giveaway!


Def Betty Crocker baking mixes (to play around with) and cereal- can never have too many varieties!

Congrats, Kathryn!

Email your info to branappetit [at] gmail, and your package will be on its way : )

I have a fun weekend ahead, I think. No actual plans, but it will be filled with baking and recipe testing and laundry and hanging out around the house with Nick, Maggie, and Roxy. I can’t wait!

What do you have planned for this weekend? Any new recipes you’re trying out?



  1. Love the new flavors but I agree, pineapple triumphs them all!!

  2. so jealous you got to try lemon. my grocery store was supposed to get it last week and they haven’t yet!!! ahhh!!!

  3. Honey-Nana + chocolate chips = best dessert ever!!! Glad you got to try the new flavors, I love them all :)

  4. I have yet to find mango or lemon, but I love lemon yogurt and I love mango, so I’ll have to scoop them up if I find them. I DID see the “kid” Chobanis the other day, but I am overrun with yogurt in my fridge at the moment, so those will have to wait. :)

  5. I rarely eat pre-flavored yogurts, but I love a good thick plain yogurt that I can “dress up”. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  6. I have twin fest on Sunday! My twin sister and I have best friends who are twins – we’ve known them since 3rd grade and we are almost 43 years old!

    It’s the first time we’ve gotten together this year since before Christmas – lots to talk about!

  7. Agreed, pineapple is by far the best, although I’d love to find me that lemon flavor!

  8. I need to track down the new lemon flavor, I think I’d love it! Not that I don’t love all Chobani. :)

    I have a relaxing weekend ahead and I’m so excited. Have a good one!

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