Cookie Cereal

One of my all time favorite things to have as a snack growing up was cookie “cereal”.

Not those boxes of “oreo o’s” or “cookie crisp”. Nope. I didn’t want fake cookie-flavored cereal.

I wanted cookies.

REAL cookies, broken up into bite size pieces, covered with milk, and eaten with spoon.


Maybe it’s because I’m lazy. This saved me from having to dip each cookie into a mug of milk, plus this means that when you get to the bottom of your bowl of “cereal”, it’s filled with little cookie bits and the milk tastes just like the cookie itself.

Win win.

This is also probably one of the reasons I had cavities at almost every dentist appointment when I was a kid.


And I didn’t stop at one kind of cookie.

My favorites growing up were tied with oreo’s or chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies. They were the best because the milk really soaked in. But, really, any cookie will work.


I never said I ate the healthiest things growing up, and I still don’t.

I definitely had this bowl as my afternoon snack on Monday, and I enjoyed every cookie-filled bite.

Sometimes, you just need a reminder of your childhood. And that’s what this is for me.

Am I the only one that does this? Or do you have your own childhood concoctions?


  1. i’ve never heard of this genius idea! but i like putting cookies in my oatmeal :)

  2. I did this all the time, mostly with chocolate filled waffers!
    Sometimes, me and my sister would even grate them, forming a sort of a poridge :)
    I still crave that milk soaked waffers, yummy!

  3. I don’t know how it’s possible that I have never done this before. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

  4. LOL! This is so playful and fun! I love dipping cookies in milk but never thought to turn it into cereal. Great idea!

  5. oh my gosh! This reminds me so much of my husband! He always gets a large bowl out when he eats cookies. Cookies are then inserted into the bowl and milk is poured on top! He calls it cookie cereal too. Hilarious. You guys crack me up

  6. Chocolate milk with whipped cream was my favorite! Made with NesQik powder of course and then I would top it and mix it all together. I also really liked basic spaghetti with butter, garlic powder, and parm cheese. I made that for lunch a lot in the summer because it was quick and easy.

    I had no idea you were going to BlogHer Food!

    • I LOVE Nesquik powder ;) Still use it! In fact, I had a glass of chocolate milk last night.

      Another one I loved was mixing white rice with shredded cheddar. Yum.

      Yup! Super excited :) Are you going?

  7. Ohwow. What an amazing idea! I’ve hears of people crumbling up muffins and pouring milk over top. But I suppose most breakfast cereals are tiny cookies disguised as cereal anyway ;)

  8. Back in college when the calories didn’t go straight to my butt, my favorite snack was white rice with sugar. Oh So Good

    • Well, I’ve definitely never tried that, but I did love white rice heated with shredded cheddar cheese. Weird, but so good!

      I also used to just eat entire heads of iceberg lettuce. Plain.

      I am strange.

  9. I’ve never tried this, but I must admit there are real possibilities with this idea :-). This is my first visit to your blog and I’ve spent some time browsing through your earlier entries. I’ really glad I did. I like the food and recipes you feature for your readers. I’ll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  10. Hahaha – I have never heard of anyone doing this before. But by golly, I love it! :)

  11. Cute. This is a definite first for me, but I’ve never been huge on cookies so it makes sense I was behind the curve on this one. I cannot say I recreate a lot of childhood concoctions though I do crave a lot of childhood foods.

  12. Ahhhh!! What a great treat!! This would be a nice surprise for my son – he’d be so happy! :)

  13. When I was kid, I used to grab a glass and a few, I would say 4 or 5, chips ahoy cookies, crumble them into the glass, fill the glass up with milk, crush the cookies, and then eat them up with a spoon. I give credit to my older brother for that creation! Yeah know, I think he still does that now haha

  14. I bet that milk on the bottom is SO good!! You were a very clever kid ;) I liked pretty much any kind of cereal that was filled with sugar as a kid…apple jacks, lucky charms and definitely the occasional cookie crisp :P I can’t think of any particularly “different” concoctions I would do, but I vivdly remember eating butter plain. Like…fork to butter to mouth. Yup.

  15. that is genius. i may eat that for dinner tonight ;)

  16. This is genious! I never did this as a kid but it’s never too late to start :)

  17. OMG! I do this too! Just not often enough! Honestly, anything eaten like cereal wins. But that is the TRUE cookie dough cereal, am I right?

    Thanks for the delicious reminder! :D

  18. I used to love breaking up cookies into little pieces and then putting them in the milk and then I would let it sit and get soggy! I love soggy foods, weird, I know but I love it!! :)

  19. This is definitely my kind of cereal.

  20. Best idea ever. I often break up my homemade scones or breakfast bars and pour milk over them, but I’ve never used cookies! As a kid I LOVED corn flakes and ketchup. In sandwiches, in a bowl, as a snack… it was my favorite thing. Totally gross, I don’t know how I ate it.

  21. That is awesome! I was never that creative as a kid!!!

    • Not sure creative was the driving force…mostly just my love for sweets ;) But hey – whatever works!

  22. Um, I’m going to do this immediately! I don’t know why it’s never crossed my mind before. You’re a genius.

  23. that is genius!! i love it!

  24. OMG!

    *My thighs thank you

  25. I did the SAME thing when I was younger except I’d crush the Oreos up really small, add them to a glass of milk, stir, and drink. Yum! First your pound cake and now this…I NEED OREOS! ;-)

  26. I did the typical little kid “soda cocktail” with one swoosh of every soda in the machine at Wendys and Mcdonalds and whatnot…drove my parents crazy but I swore up and down it was delicious!

  27. Ha! What a great idea! I do get tired of holding the cookie in the milk:)

  28. omgsh i used to do this too! i used to suck on it and it was soooooooooo good.

  29. That is brilliant! So efficient too :)

  30. Ummm…. yes. Yes, please. I’ll have some of that.

  31. this is just awesome!! love it :)

  32. nice. i don’t know why i never did this, but now… :)

  33. mmmmmm that looks so good!

  34. We did that as kids too. AND did the same thing with graham crackers in a coffee cup. mmmmm Oh…and try it with sweet cornbread crumbled into a cup and topped with milk. I have my Papaw to thank for that one.

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  37. I’ve definitely never heard of this, but I’m calling it breakfast tomorrow morning. For sure.

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