Wanted: Puppy-Sitter.

Must be fun loving, patient, and willing to chase after a 1.5 year old puppy.


Needs to have a sense of humor, a slow temper, and a desire to cuddle.


Willing to pay in cash or baked goods.

Please apply immediately.


Yup, that would be one of our new pillows. At least she only got one of them?

And I think she was punished fairly: a few hours in her kennel after finding this, and she threw up 2 huge piles of the stuffing that she had eaten.

For Maggie, no puke = no fun.


  1. Oh Maggie Maggie Maggie! What a little rascal! :)

    You just have to laugh though right? I swear those situations are the ones that make me enjoy having a dog the most because it really puts life in perspective.

    You are REALLY mad initially but then just have to laugh and say – really, its just a “fill in the blank with the item the dog destroyed”. In 10 years what will you remember? How much love your dog filled your life with, or the “x” dollars you lost on the the “fill in the blank with the item your dog destroyed.” :) Or really – you just have to laugh because otherwise you’d cry! :P HEHEH!

    For real – I’ll dog sit any time as long as you are willing to bring the princess up to CLE. :)

  2. B, why don’t you keep her in her kennel while you are gone that way she can’t get out and mess up anything. I don’t know if you do that already, but it’s just an idea.

  3. Ooo ooo I will dog sit!
    And you can pay me in baked goods.
    Nutella banana bread please…

  4. Oh Maggie! What a silly girl. I wanna puppy sit! All your recipes always look so yummy and the one I tried was awesome. Baked goods please! =)

  5. Oh man! At times like these you just have to laugh!

  6. Haha, I’ll puppy sit! I want one so badly!

  7. Is it bad that I laughed when I saw that picture? Sorry about your destroyed pillows. What a cute little pup though.

  8. oh, i’m totally in ;) except i’m booked (with puppy sitting, in fact) for alot of march!!

  9. ahhaha. I’m so glad to see this, because I was really starting to struggle to see the humor in my 13 week old black lab puppy’s antics.

    maybe we can all join forces and figure out how to train these pups together as a team?

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