Have you ever tried the Stonyfield cream-top yogurts?

If you have and you love them, you’ll love these.

If not, and you just like yogurt…you’ll love these, too.


Stonyfield, based off of feedback from their consumers, has now stirred in the cream to create an even smoother, silkier texture and delicious taste.

If you’re a cream top-yogurt fan, you will be happy to know that the cream you’ve always loved is still there, it’s just stirred in. 

Their whole milk yogurt is the creamiest yogurt I’ve ever had!


As always, all of their yogurts are organic and sweetened only with naturally milled cane sugar. They’re made without artificial colors or flavors, and are made from organic milk produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or artificial growth hormones (rBST).

Kristina from Stonyfield sent me a package of their new whole milk yogurts with the cream stirred in to sample (yes, the samples were free, but my opinions are my own).

Honestly, I had never had whole milk yogurt before these arrived on my doorstep. I actually can’t get them around here, so I was happy to be able to try these flavors!

In the sample pack, I got:

  • Plain Whole Milk Yogurt
  • French Vanilla
  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • Strawberries ’n’ Cream
  • Chocolate Underground

I’ve tried their Chocolate Underground yogurt, but only in the fat free version.

And, after trying these yogurts, I can see why people love the whole milk varieties. They are insanely creamy and are not nearly as tart than other yogurts.

In fact, their Strawberries ’n’ Cream yogurt tasted more like strawberry ice cream than yogurt. Delicious!

And while I loved the Chocolate Underground, I think my favorite was a tie between the Strawberries ’n’ Cream and the White Chocolate Raspberry.



The White Chocolate Raspberry yogurt reminded me of the raspberry pudding pops I used to have during the summers growing up. Do you remember those?



If you haven’t tried their new Whole Milk yogurts (or if you’ve never tried ANY of their Whole Milk Yogurts), here’s your chance!

The prize: 4 Stonyfield coupons (for both quart and 6 oz. size), plus a reusable Stonyfield bag.

To Enter:

  • Leave me a comment with your all time favorite yogurt flavor


Good luck! I’ll be picking a winner on Thursday!


  1. My favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry. It’s a classic and typically goes well with any mix-in!

  2. i think my favorite is raspberry!! i’m not a big raspberry person in general but the creaminess of yogurt and then the subtle hint of fruit, ohhh it’s amazing!

  3. My all time favorite is raspberry!

  4. Favorite yogurt flavor may be French vanilla…as long as it’s not too sweet! I like Stonyfield’s!

  5. The flavor I looove is vanilla. I love it soo much that I can’t buy the big tubs of it because I have absolutely no control. Boring, I know…it tastes similar to a fruit dip I had years ago.

  6. I’m your basic vanilla girl. I love vanilla yogurt!

  7. My favorite flavor is blueberry. I love it when there’s pieces of blueberry too.

  8. My fav flavor is blueberry… Even better when you mix in fresh blueberries!

  9. I’m a plain yogurt gal. That way I can add whatever I want to it–usually a banana. Plain yogurt+banana=amazing!

  10. When I was growing up, it was definitely strawberry-banana. No question.

    But nowadays, I tend to stick with plain.

    Ever since I discovered goat’s milk yogurt though…well THAT’s my favorite flavor. :)

  11. My favorite flavor is a pineapple-flavored drinkable yogurt I had in the Dominican Republic…it was like dessert!

  12. I think my favorite is key lime!

  13. I love vanilla! so simple and delicious :)

  14. I’m a raspberry person. Sweet and tart was meant to be.

  15. I love vanilla!

  16. Honey! Usually in Greek Yogurt but in non-Greek Stonyfield is my favorite type.

  17. Yum! I love whole milk products every now and then. I’d say my favorite yogurt flavors are usually tropical – like coconut or pineapple.

  18. My all time favorite flavor is banana! So good!

  19. Mine is lemon! Makes me feel like I’m eating a dessert. Obviously I prefer a different flavor for normal breakfast type yogurt, but then I usually go with plain yogurt.

  20. I’m just a plain old simple Vanilla Yogurt girl, sometimes French Vanilla. I would love to try Stonyfield’s.

  21. This might seem boring, but my all time favorite yogurt flavor is vanilla! I love vanilla!

  22. Caramel yogurt is my all-time favorite. SO delicious!

  23. I love strawberry-flavored yogurt. Thanks for the chance for the giveaway!

  24. my favorite is pineapple! (chobani:))

  25. I LOVE Lemon yogurt. Add a graham cracker and it’s like you have lemon pie.

  26. I’m a peach yogurt lover! but a close second would have to be vanilla! These whole milk yogurts sound delicious! I’ll have to see if I can find them around me….

  27. That white chocolate raspberry is divine!

  28. I am a sucker for cherry yogurt–I love the big chunks!

  29. The lite coconut cream pie yogurt from Kroger turned me from a yogurt hater to a yogurt lover!

  30. Plain vanilla is my favorite flavor in any brand. :)

  31. I’m a PLAIN lover. it’s sad but true :)

  32. Banana is my favorite! :)

  33. I love yogurts like those that are especially creamy. I’ve tried the cream top ones but didn’t realize Stonyfield was now mixing the cream right in!

    I have always loved strawberry banana and chocolate raspberry tops my list too!

  34. Has to be black cherry – YUM!!!!

  35. My favorite is the Chobani 2% pineapple..so good!

  36. i always purchase plain ones because i like to addmy own toppings but i also like vanilla!

  37. oh i totally remember those raspberry pudding pops haha <3

    mmm fav flavor of yogurt…hmmm… i think it was always "field berry" and "mixed berry" growing up.. now i think it would be vanilla

  38. Plain with a small bit of homemade jam.

  39. Goat’s milk persimmon yogurt – one of my new neighbors is a goat farmer who makes use of local fruit, and I’ve never tasted anything like it!

  40. I grew up eating strawberry yogurt so that’ll always have a place in my heart (and tummy!)

  41. umm, is it wrong to say chobani’s pineapple?? otherwise i’m a plain or vanilla girl :)

  42. My favorite flavor is plain :)

  43. Key Lime is my favorite!!

  44. Blueberry is my trusty standby.

  45. mmm i’ve never tried a cream top yogurt and would love to try them. i have a soft spot in my heart for dannon’s fruit on the bottom blueberry bc i grew up with it.

  46. I really love plain, old vanilla. I love how simple it is and that it can be mixed with cereal or fruit.

  47. When I was little, I was a strawberry-banana girl all the way (and it’s still my favorite smoothie flavor!). Now, though, I LOVE black cherry and lemon yogurts.

    Thanks for the givewaway, Brandi!

  48. As boring as it sounds my favourite is natural flavour. I like to decide what flavour the yogurt is going to be by adding in my add ons (bars, cereal, berries, seeds etc).

  49. I usually go with plain or sometimes vanilla so that I can also enjoy the mix-ins.

  50. I’ve never had better yogurt than the Fragola (Italian for strawberry) Yomo yogurt in Rome.

    It spoiled other yogurts foreverrrr!

  51. My favorite is a tie between strawberry and peach!

  52. Pineapple Chobani!

  53. love chobani pineapple..tastes like heaven!

  54. caramel all the way! it’s like dessert and yogurt all in one!

  55. My fav to date is pumpkin pie..Target’s Archer Farms brand has it during the fall–I stock up!

  56. I usually buy plain so that I can add in different things each time. I have raspberry and vanilla agave and I use those to sweeten it usually.

  57. My fav yogurt flavor is pineapple!

  58. I love the Yoplait custard French Vanilla. it’s a classic!

  59. I love vanilla and strawberry- I love all kinds of yogurt but those are my favorite!

  60. I know this might sound really sad, but my favorite yogurt is the light n fit white chocolate raspberry yogurt! I know that it might not be the “healthiest”, but it is delish! :)

  61. I actually really like coffee flavored yogurt. Yumm!

  62. Mmmmm lemon!! So yummy

    Great pics

  63. My all time favorite is plain…is that boring?

  64. So far, my favorite yogurt flavor it blueberry, hands down.

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