Best Week Ever, 2.6.11

A little late with this, but this week was too good to miss!

Two different times with two different cans and on two different nights this past week, I ended up with either tomato juice or canned bean juice sprayed into my face while trying to open the cans to use in our dinners. Twice. Both cans had places that the can opener got stuck, so when I tried coming from the other way, they flew open, spraying me in the eyes.

On Thursday morning we had an adventure with Maggie. Nick took her out to go to the bathroom thinking that she had on her shock collar, but she didn’t.

She, of course, took advantage of that fact and ran off. When Nick couldn’t find her, he came inside to tell me and get in the shower. I went out, found her by the tree, and she finally came back inside. But something was off.

She was acting weird, shaking, and whining.

We know she likes to eat stuff that she isn’t supposed to (like dead fish and deer poop) and that’s pretty much what she did. Judging by the amount that came out of her during the day, we’re pretty sure she had to have eaten a full 5 lbs of cat food – her belly was huge and bloated.

And Thursday afternoon was the first time I had ever seen Maggie have explosive vomit. That was fun to clean up. A FedEx guy had come to the door to leave a package and she got so excited barking and growling that it knocked the rest of that food right of her in the kitchen floor.

Style Revolution is still going!

But don’t ask to see me on the days I work from home ; ) That’s another story.


Tuesday: Fake tweed pants, Old Navy; Black Ruffle Tank, Christmas Gift; Red Leopard Cardigan, Ny & Co. a few years back. Black Pumps, Belk (can’t remember the brand off the top of my head).




Black jeans, JCP; Black tee, H&M. Floral Cardigan, Christmas Gift. Necklace, gift from sis-in-law a few years back. Shoes, Hand me downs from my older sister from a long time ago!





Skinny jeans, JCP. Black tank, Belk. Red sweater, I have no idea where it’s from! Leopard Flats, Belk (Red Camel).


Growing bangs out is the worst. Now I know why the last time I did this was in 5th grade.

My weekend was fabulous, but it went by so fast. We had a great time with the family visiting – had lazy mornings with lots of coffee, went antiquing, and did not turn on the television ONCE the entire time they were here. It was nice.


What happened to you this week?

Anything fun, crazy, embarrassing, ridiculous? Spill it!

*I’ll be picking the tea giveaway winner at lunch – you still have time to enter!


  1. Aww poor Maggie. Niko eats rabbit poop all the time. What’s with that?!
    I love those brown pumps/shoes!

  2. love the outfits!

    and poor maggie…glad she got everything out of her system that didn’t, agree…

  3. Aw, poor Maggie! And poor you!

    I was trying to open a wine bottle and the cork got stuck and squirted red wine onto my ceiling. Awesome…

    • ha, I love it :)

      I had to laugh at the beans. But the tomatoes just made me mad! Squirted right on my shirt ;(

  4. I love that red sweater – the collar is really cute!

    I’m also in the process of growing out my bangs. About every other week I have the urge to just cut them!!

    • Thanks!

      Yes – the bangs are killing me!!! I pulled them back all weekend and that was a bit better, but they’re so frustrating at this stage.

  5. i am obsessed with those shoes your sister handed down to you – vintage, chic and ADORABLE! love all your outfits – i need to do something like this to keep me accountable for wearing all the clothes i have in my closet!!

    • you should! I’ve been pulling so many more things out of my closet than I would have before. It’s been fun!

  6. Poor Maggie!! :( It’s amazing how sensetive their tummies are to cat’d think dog and cat food was basically be the same, but it makes my dog really sick, too!

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