Delicious Disasters

Remember that german chocolate cupcake recipe I posted the other day?

The one I was so proud of and said could fool anyone into thinking that it was just a regular, decadent cupcake when it’s actually pretty healthy?

It seems that karma had other ideas for me.

I had grand ideas of making up a new brownie recipe and just had a feeling it would turn out incredible.

Turns out I was completely wrong.


Somehow, I ended up with a pan of “brownie batter”.

This had baked for 45 minutes. And it was still runny.


Luckily, the recipe was vegan, so I ate a few forkfuls of the soupy brownies before tossing the rest.

The flavor? Amazing.

The texture? Way, way off. Obviously.

But these mistakes are the ones I like. I don’t mind failures in the kitchen because cooking anything is fun for me.

I’d rather do this all day than anything else, even if I ended up with uncooked brownies.

So spill it! What’s your best delicious disaster in the kitchen?


  1. S’mores cookies healthified. They baked and baked into flat, gummy, crystal discs. And stuck together. I still don’t know how it happened. I turned them into muffins, and they were okay.

  2. Aww, delicious disasters happen all the time. Part of being a baker.
    I tried making a pan of gluten-free, vegan brownies using silken tofu once. They came out kind of rubbery and didn’t hold together at all, so I crumbled them up, mixed them with some water and 2 eggs and rebaked them. They weren’t the best brownies but at least they held their shape.

  3. I tried making pumpkin bread this fall and the same thing happened to me, I couldn’t get it to cook all the way through. After an hour and a half I gave up. I don’t mind mistakes either, than can be frustrating but how else are we going to learn? :)

  4. OOOoooooh I have disasters in the kitchen every week!

  5. Sometimes the batter is the best part, though! :)

  6. there is something so beautiful about messing up and being forced to eat brownie batter out of the pan. i would actually say this was quite a success :)

  7. I love undercooked brownies :) One girls disaster is another girls treasure? Haha :)

  8. Last weekend I was trying to make vegan white chocolate macadamia cookie dough balls. The shape was a flop but the baked cookies were amazing. I now have a terrific recipe for plain ol’ vegan white chocolate macadamia cookies.

  9. I’m pretty sure that anything resembling brownie batter can never be deemed a disaster.
    Biggest culinary disaster, for me, was more a fermentation disaster. I made a big batch of kombucha in a barrel, put it in my attic and didn’t cover it properly. Vermin got in (and drowned) and since we were dipping cups in without looking, many a glass was consumed before someone dipped and came up with a mouse!

  10. Still looks yummy to me! Almost everything I make in the kitchen is a disaster! :/ I still try

  11. All that matters is the taste :) Or you could have put them in cupcake papers and topped them with frosting. I agree though, mistakes can be fun and definitely learning experiences!

  12. Strange it didn’t set..but it sure does look delicious!

  13. at least you got have a few bites!

  14. I tried to make black bean brownies once. Utter failure. So inedible. Sigh. You live and learn. This at least still looks pretty tasty!

  15. I’ve never had any disasters that were actually delicious! Most of the time I taste my disaster and it goes right into the trash! LOL :-)

  16. It still sounds good to me!!
    I accidentally turned some cookie dough black by trying to mix some colors to make red–instead of the peppermint pinwheel cookies I was aiming for, I made licorice swirls by subbing anise extract for the peppermint. It was a hit!

  17. hehe, that actually looks pretty darn tasty :) glad you were still able to enjoy it!

    most of my kitchen disasters are inedible… although my over-cooking root veggies recently turned out tasty!

  18. what a wonderful wonderful gooey mistake

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