Stovetop Granola


In a quest to save time in my kitchen last week, I tried making some basic granola on the stovetop.

I love homemade granola, but hate the long baking time and the need to stir it every 15 to 20 minutes. I don’t always have the time to do that…or rather, I often forget to stir it and end up with not-so-good granola.

And guess what? It worked beautifully, was super easy, and took me 15 minutes, max.

Basic Stovetop Granola

  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 Tbsp light oil, Earth Balance, or butter (could use canola, safflower, coconut, etc)
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch salt


Heat skillet over medium/high heat and toss in oats.


Toast oats, 5-7 minutes, until they turn a slight golden color and smell, well, “toasty”.

Remove oats from pan and add oil/butter, maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt.


Stir together and let cook 1 minute or until fragrant.


Toss in the oats, stir to coat, and let cook together 2-3 minutes.


Once oats are completely covered with the syrup mixture, pour into bowl or onto baking sheet to let cool.


I made mine very basic (oats only), but that’s only because I always change my mind for mix-ins. This lets me add whatever I want right then! Nuts, dried fruit, seeds, chocolate chips – there’s no limit to the combinations you could make.

So far, I’ve used this in Stonyfield Whole Milk yogurt as a snack at work and just as bowls of “cereal” with some nuts, almond milk, and sliced banana.

The possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to make more.


  1. Definitely going to make this!! :)

  2. I am always disappointed with store bought granola, so I really need to start making my own!

  3. I’ve had ahem, ‘issues’, burning granola in the oven. I need to try this method! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Anything that saves time in the kitchen gets a thumbs up in my book! :-)

  5. Thanks for this! I’ve always wanted to make my own granola but every recipe I found seemed time consuming.

  6. Simple and classic, just the way granola should be. Perfection!

  7. Great recipe! I’ve never heard of making granola on the stove, but it makes sense and seems so easy

  8. Who has time to stir granola indefinitely? Not I. Love this recipe.

  9. Never have tried it on the stovetop! I love this idea.

  10. I’ve never tried stove top granola – this looks easy! I have a great recipe for granola that’s baked in the oven that is done in about 25 minutes – you only need to stir twice, so it’s not too labor intensive!

  11. I never thought to make granola on the stove top – great idea Brandi!

  12. That’s a great idea to make them super simple and add it what mix-ins you’re feeling that day!

  13. What a great idea! I’ve got lots of granola to eat at the moment, but I can definitely see myself using this recipe in the future.

  14. oh wow, love. must try this!!

  15. What a fantastic idea! I’m always looking for new ways to switch up my granola batches. I will be trying this for sure!

  16. I make granola bars like this a lot and they turn out great. This is such a simple way to make good granala. :)

  17. what a genius idea! I would have never thought of cooking it on the stove!

  18. Hi, first time here, you have a lovely space with so many healthy recipes, granola looks really great, thanks for sharing

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  20. looks so simple and delicious!

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