Best Week Ever + Lots of Winners!

Oh, Monday.

I am not your fan today. I have too much to do, too little time, and am still exhausted from this weekend.

But I did have a great breakfast, and I’ve got some good coffee. I guess I’m good to go.

This weekend, Nick’s parents came up to help us get some projects done in our old house. Thankfully, we had great weather and we got everything done.

However – Maggie made things a bit more difficult.

On Saturday, we left the dogs gated downstairs while we ran to get a quick lunch. When we got back from lunch, we found Maggie UPstairs and little white paw prints all over the dining room from where she had run through some paint.  Thankfully, we got all the paint cleaned up off the floors.

Then on Sunday, Nick and I went back to the house to get the last of the stuff out and clean up, and Maggie decided to throw up a few times in the house. Maybe she just wanted to do that one more time in the old house? I don’t know. I don’t understand her sometimes.

I wore one kind of cute outfit last week that I actually documented!



Top: GAP Outlet. Sweater: GAP Outlet. Jeans: Kohls? IMG_1275

Boots: Tractor Supply Smile They’re my cowgirl boots.

I had plans to wear this same top + sweater with my dark skinny jeans and flats (which would have looked SO much cuter since the tops were baggier) but, it was freezing cold and snowing on Friday. So, boots it was!


The winners of the Angell Bars!

Comment #115:


I would love to try the dark angel.

AND to Comment #101:


my all time favorite chocolate treat = reeses PB cups. Go figure ;)


Congrats girls! Email me at branappetit [at] gmail and your bars will be on their way.


And for another fun Monday surprise, I haven’t heard from my CSN $100 Giftcard winner from last week, so I’m picking a new one!

New Winner!


i absolutely need a new food processor! hoping for a bigger size


Congrats! Please email me at branappetit [at] gmail and I’ll send you the CSN giftcode.



How was your weekend?


  1. Mondays are a drag, but the weather must have been great for getting stuff done at the house! And that outfit is super cute, love it.

  2. Mondays are the pits! Extra coffee is always necessary.

  3. Ahh what a busy weekend! Maggie sure was acting like a lil kid, huh? Girls will be girls. ;) Hope the throwing up wasn’t a big issue though and just tummy troubles.

    Very cute outfit by the way! Hope your Monday goes by smoothly. :)

  4. Love the boots! I’m a fan of the working girl look! Your tops are cute too!

  5. Oooh, I love those boots–so cute! I’m wearing my cowgirl boots today, too. Mondays definitely call for a cute-and-comfy outfit, lots of caffeine, and a little extra patience. I’m sorry Maggie didn’t have her finest weekend! Enjoy your week!

  6. What an adorable outfit! Hope you get through Monday ok!!

  7. Cowgirl boots are always awesome!
    Dogs and their moments – mine is going through a particularly moody phase at the moment, moody being the polite term for pooping everywhere inside. Apparently, wolf breeds don’t like transitions.

  8. Monday always seems to come too fast! Glad the projects got done…despite the puppers efforts ;) And your outfit is super duper cute

  9. LOVE the outfit! :) You are always so adorable! :)

  10. i want a pair of cowboy boots SO bad! i am try to troll vintage shops for used Frye’s, but have yet to have any success…

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