My Favorites This Week

Happy Friday! So nice to be starting the weekend, right?

We have family coming to visit and help out with some projects in our old house – it’ll be a good amount of work, but it should be fun.

Plus, they’re bringing their dog so Maggie will be in puppy heaven. She loves having other dogs to play with.

I was planning on having another new recipe for you today, but I’ve actually had a few mishaps in the kitchen.

And as for my fashion revolution, I haven’t had anything to show yet this week since I’ve worked from home 3 days! But today’s might be good enough to photograph for later.

Here are my favorite things this week in food:

1. Grilled Banana + Nutella Sandwiches.


2. Lunches this week? A quinoa, roasted kabocha squash, and chickpea salad with smoked paprika, garlic, onion, and olive oil.


A few days, I had this over spinach, but yesterday, I added some green beans and a dollop of hummus. I’m having this same dish for lunch today, too.


3. Coconut Water Vinegar from Tropical Traditions.


Tropical Traditions sent this to me to sample, and I am in love! It doesn’t have a super strong coconut smell or taste, but the subtle coconut essence is there. It is delicious in salad dressings, and I made a killer tofu (killer tofu! Do you remember the Beets song on Doug?) marinade the other night with this vinegar.

4. Fun new foodie things to try + review!



PS: There are more giveaways coming soon!

5. New recipes I’m dying to make:


Evan’s Snickerdoodle Hummus


Jessica’s Cake Batter Pancakes


Kristin’s Bruschetta Chicken Pasta – this will be such a great summer dish!


Mama Pea’s Moroccan Millet Bake


Oh, and I still haven’t had my hair cut. I look like a mess. Every day. Guess I should get that fixed soon.

Happy Happy Friday!!!


What are YOUR food favorites this week? Any new recipes on your radar?


  1. Thanks for including my pancakes! :)

  2. I can’t wait to try the Stonyfield yogurts! They sound so good! Whole milk yogurt will be such a nice switch up from the norm too! Your Grilled Banana + Nutella sandwich looks amazing. I may need to have this for lunch. And I want to make Evan’s hummus so bad! Enjoy the weekend & time with your family

  3. Thanks for including me! I want to make your german chocolate cookie bars so badly. Good thing I’m going to the store this weekend.

  4. I love Tropical Traditions products! Their coconut oil is seriously the best. I had no idea that they had coconut viinegar though? I must get my hands on some of this – yum!

  5. Can we talk about the fact that you just referenced Doug? You might just be my new favorite person! Enjoy your day! :)

  6. I loved Doug! That vinegar sounds great! I’m a sucker for good vinegar.

  7. That Snickerdoodle Hummus has got to be awesome! I’ve never had dessert hummus before, but that seems like something worth trying.

  8. I can’t get over that lunch!! The quinoa and kabocha sounds like a lovely combination!

  9. Those teas look tasty! i love the sleeptime ones! they’re my favorite!

    and the quinoa dish looks delish, especially with the hummus dollop!

  10. Sounds like your week was very tasty! :) Bananas and Nutella are The. Best. Combo. Ever.!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. The cake batter pancakes are on my list of to-do’s too! They sound amazing right?! It’d be the perfect way to start the day :-)

  12. So many things in common:
    1 – Love for Nutella and Banana Sandwiches (I had one for breakfast yesterday!)
    2 – Urge to make Snickerdoodle Hummus (Buying Chickpeas at the store today!)
    3 – Urge to make Cake Batter Pancakes (Breakfast today!!!)

    Have a great weekend! :-D

  13. Banana and nutella sandwiches…and that quinoa salad…can I just come over and “steal” all of your food? Delicious.

    I’ve been eying those cake batter pancakes as well! Damn do they look good.

  14. oohhh my list of recipes to try is like a mile long. like i say, there just needs to be twice the amount of hours in a day, and i could get a whole lot done :)

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