Le Creuset Review + CSN Winner!

Happy Monday morning Smile I had some crazy dreams last night, which is always a fun way to start the day. I remember something about traveling, finding a Baby Sitters Club soap set (thought of you Heather!) and hanging out with Mama Pea?

I’m definitely sad that the weekend is over, but I think this week is going to be a good one!

Before I get to announcing the winner, I also want to do a review of some Le Creuset Bake Ware I got from CSN a few weeks ago.


I actually got these in the mail the week we moved into our new house, but after getting settled and getting through the holidays, it took me a while to get back to cooking and baking in our new kitchen and I wanted to do a full review.


As a Preferred Blogger with CSN, I’ve had the opportunity to hold awesome giveaways for YOU, as well as review products from their stores.

And this review has definitely been my favorite.

Le Creuset is something special for me. It’s not just because of the fabulous colors and shapes; it’s the history in the products. I see chefs on tv using Le Creuset and know there must be something great about them, but, until now, I had never been able to have any on my own.

But thanks to CSN, I found some great Le Creuset bakeware on sale and received a few pieces to try out and review!

And I am officially a Le Creuset convert.

The pitcher is one of my favorite pieces – it holds the perfect amount of iced tea when you have guests and would also be great to use for juice for brunches. And while it is a heavier piece, it’s not so heavy that you can’t lift it – it just feels sturdy, which I like.

As for the actual baking dishes, I love them all. I love the colors, I love the smooth coated ceramic that keeps things from sticking, and I love that they’re freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe (something that I can worry about now!).


The first thing I made in one of the baking dishes (in the Dijon color) was for Nick. He loves those Magic Cookie Bars – aka, not good for you at ALL – and since it was still within the “holiday season”, I made them for him and he enjoyed every one ; )

And you’ve seen one picture of my other latest recipe success – but you’ll have to wait until later this week for the recipe. But they turned out great in this deep purple dish.


Regardless of what I made in these dishes, I have a feeling I’m going to love everything. Both desserts came out perfect, and I used the stock pot to make popcorn on the stove top the other night – fun!

All in all, I absolutely love every piece and I can’t wait to buy more to add to my collection.


But I guess this isn’t what you showed up for this morning : )



The WINNER of the $100 CSN Gift Card is…


Lynda Del

I would get the Cuisinart Panini/Sandwich Maker for sure.

Congrats! Please send me an email (branappetit [at] gmail) and I’ll get your gift code to you!


And thanks to everyone who entered : ) I got SO many great new recipe ideas and challenges from you and I’m excited to get busy in the kitchen.


How was your weekend? Any strange dreams you’ve had lately?


  1. Le Creuset casserole dishes are right next to vitamix on the list of things “I’d love to own, but can’t afford”. My parents have a variety of Le Creuset cookware, and their awesomeness blows my mind!

  2. Those dishes sound really great. The only baking dishes I have around here are the tin ones..it’d be nice to have some as nice as those!

  3. I’ve been having demon baby dreams a lot. After a lifetime of me boycotting horror flicks, my boyfriend has been putting on evil child movies for about two weeks running. Last night there were elephants too. I hope there’s no symbolism :)
    I love Creuset, and aspire to one day own more pieces than the scavenged casserole dish I found in a Florida hostel free pile. It’s orange and I’m emotionally attached to it.

  4. ooh, yay for seven layers :) those pieces look lovely, and i’m especially eye-ing that pitcher!

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