Angell Bars: Eat No Evil

A few weeks ago, I received an email asking if I’d like to try some organic candy bars that are a little better for you than run-of-the-mill checkout-line confections. Plus, they’re made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients, making them better for everyone involved.


I’m pretty sure I answered that email in less than 10 seconds, and just a few weeks later, those bars were delivered to my doorstep.

Every one loves a candy bar sometimes, right? This company knows that and have done what they can to create a bar that satisfies that craving while taking care to responsibly use the ingredients needed.

From their website:

…we know that energy bars and gourmet chocolate bars have their place. In fact, we enjoy them ourselves. But sometimes, what you really want is a candy bar. A good old-fashioned candy bar, with chocolate and chew and crunch and all those things that make candy bars so great. But you DON’T have to have a candy bar loaded with corn syrup and made from GMO ingredients, grown with petroleum fertilizers and harsh pesticides. You don’t have to buy chocolate that may have been farmed by child- and slave labor. You CAN have a candy bar that tastes good and that you can feel good about eating. You can have an Angell bar.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m more than okay leaving out HFCS and genetically modified ingredients.

Angell Bars sent me their 3 bars to try and review, and (as always), these opinions are my own. (I did receive the bars for free, but I am not being compensated in any way to give a good review.)


The Dark Angell bar is a mix of rich, dark chocolate with a creamy center and crunchy almonds. It’s also vegan and really good.


The other two didn’t get close-up pictures because I was too busy eating them – oops!

The milk chocolate Crisp one (which is also gluten free) was actually really good! I’m normally a dark chocolate person, but this one wasn’t too sweet and I loved the crisps in the bar.

And while I normally think of myself as a total chocolate person, I actually think I liked the Snow Angell bar the best. This one was a creamy coconut center, wrapped in white chocolate, and nut free.

I loved the coconut richness with the sweet white chocolate – delicious!

While Angell Bars aren’t available in every single store yet, you can find out if they’re near you on their website – you can also order them online.


What’s your favorite candy bar? Have you found a healthier alternative?

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  1. Mmmmm…those look delicious. But then again, what covered and filled with chocolate isn’t delicious?! ;-)

  2. Favorite candy bar probably is a dark chocolate Milky Way. It’s been forever since I’ve had one though, but as a kid I loved them!

  3. The Balance Caramel Crunch (or something like that) tastes JUST like Twix…well, maybe even better.

  4. I read about these somewhere else recently (can’t remember) and thought they looked amazing then – still feel the same way! But, then again, I love anything chocolate……. :)

  5. I’m strangely, not much of a chocolate girl! I do like a good piece of dark chocolate every now and again. I do, however, love coconut. So, Snow Angell sounds pretty darn good to me! I like gummies best ;)

  6. Luckily for me, my favorite candy bar isn’t easily acessible – it is a Lion Bar that I first had as an exchange student in Germany. It has caramel, milk chocolate, crunchy wafers filled with chocolate, and krispy bits – all together. Kind of like a big, single KitKat rolled in caramel and Rice Krispies. So good! I ordered them once online from England for my brother (also a former exchange student) and I and we just went to town. Thank goodness the price is prohibitive to import them. :-)

    These bars sound great – I’ll have to check them out!

  7. Those look great! My favorite candy bar is plain, gourmet milk chocolate or toffee.

  8. i’ve never heard of those bars before – they look YUMMY.

    i love mounds bars. when halloween would roll around as a kid you’d have to hide them from me

  9. Those look good! My favorite candy bar is a peanut butter twix. :)

  10. These sound great! My favorite candy bar is Snickers and no..unfortunately I have yet to find a healthy alternative..:P

  11. I’ve never heard of these before, but they sound and look great–thanks for the heads up! I love FastBreak candy bars, but I’ve just been making HungryGirl’s peanut butter cups to satisfy my craving in a somewhat “lighter” way! :-)

  12. These sound great….I try to totally stay away from candy bars since I would have the tendency to just not stop eating them….and then crave more later!

  13. I always have Snickers on hand! They’re my go-to candy bar in class when I need a wake-me-up.

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