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After seeing Amanda’s and Janetha’s fashion posts lately,  I decided I needed some motivation, too.

My job includes 8 hours of sitting in front of a computer, every day. And, because of this, I often go for comfort over cuteness. I never wear sweats to work, but I don’t always pull out my fun and cute work clothes or heels even though I have plenty.

Well – it’s been long enough. I don’t want all my cute stuff to just sit in my closet, unused!

In fact, this weekend, I started my own style revolution.

I wore heels to church.

Yup. For the first time in months (maybe a year?), I wore heels to church. It’s not that I don’t have heels or that I don’t want to wear them…it’s just that all of my flats are in my “comfort zone”.

But it was fun – and my outfit was cute and my heels actually got worn – so I’m making a new goal for myself:

To wear an outfit every day that makes me happy.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be wearing a dress every day or pulling out the heels just because, but I want to make a bit more of an effort and wear things that actually flatter me and make me feel good about myself. Putting on an outfit that makes you feel good can make a huge difference in your day.

And the days I’m working from home will probably still be jeans, slippers, and a comfy tshirt. Because that’s what makes me happy on the days I’m home.

But either way – I want to think about it a little more and really start to find and refine my personal style.

And this week has been going well so far!

Monday, we were off work so I was baking away in the kitchen for most of the day in my comfy jeans, a tshirt and my slippers. A good day, overall.

Tuesday I wore skinny black cords, a magenta long sleeve top, and a new gray swinging-cardigan type sweater that’s really cute with flats and a long beaded necklace.

Wednesday was my favorite so far this week –


Dress: Lerner (NY&Co), a few summers ago. Cardigan: B.Moss (I miss that store!). Tights: JCPenney. Navy pumps: TJMaxx (Sofft brand). Necklace: Gift from my mom.

I have a feeling this is going to be fun Smile I won’t have pictures every day, but I will be sharing my favorites AND asking for style tips/tricks/suggestions because I’m clueless when it comes to new trends and styles.

My sisters seem to be much more in tune with that stuff than I am – in fact, I thought of them when I was putting this outfit together. Both of my sisters always look cute, while I’m usually in worn out jeans and a Hokie tshirt. Again…comfy, but not the most flattering thing I could wear.

So, there it is! Are you in need of a style revolution? Join in!

And do you have any specific style inspirations?

Mine would have to be:

  • My sisters and sister-in-law
  • Zooey Deschanel (love her quirky vintage look)
  • Sydney from The Daybook
  • Jessica from What I Wore
  • and more!


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  1. Your outfit is so cute! I always go for comfort over style too, but maybe one of my goals should be to wear something that makes me happy every day. I have self-confidence issues and it would probably help to wear cute clothes. :)

  2. Ooo sounds like a fun challenge & it looks like you’ve started off great! Love that outfit! So classy!

  3. I can get caught in my comfort zone, too- especially with shoes! But I really love your outfit:)

  4. Very cute outfit!! I’ve actually been trying to follow the same goal lately. It’s really easy to get stuck in the “comfy zone” being a college student with class and what not..but I’m trying to wear cuter things and prep a little before heading out. Granted, I’m not to the skirt-wearing yet..but it’s still making a difference!

  5. You look so cute! Love that outfit.

  6. you are adorable! i just checked out BOTH those fashion blogs, and i love them! the glamourai is a fun site too – lots of quirky, vintage fashion to be found there!

  7. You’re so adorable and stylish!

  8. you look so classy yet so trendy! very cute!!!!

    • thanks! it turned out better than I thought it would – I wasn’t sure how the tights would look with that dress, but I liked it!

  9. Fun! I have been thinking about doing something like this too.

  10. its a mood booster when u dress up. its so much fun and im sure it stems back to when we all were little girls playing dress up. you look lovely, and quite gleeful as well!! <3

  11. awww…i’m flattered that you think of me as an inspiration when it comes to clothing. Cause I don’t always feel cute. And most days I’d love to be in my jeans, tshirts, flipflops/slippers…haha..but right now none of my tshirts really fit. It’s so funny how things change from high school! You were always way more in style than I was. Even now I’m “afraid” to wear some things out, I love them in the store, but feel like people will think I’m crazy for wearing it out in public…guess that would be where some of Tiff’s quotes fit in!! haha

    Oh & I love, love, love, that outfit!!! Super cute!!!

    Love you & miss you!!!

  12. YAY i cant wait to see your outfit posts because you dress SO cute.

  13. Such a cute outfit, Brandi! I especially love the shoes. TJ Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop, if I get there early enough to beat the crowds/mess. I’ve scored so many great, inexpensive pairs of shoes and workout outfits there. I should probably try to look cuter, but I’m perfectly happy in sweats and yoga pants :)
    Looking forward to seeing all of your happiness-inducing outfits!

  14. that is such a cute outfit!!! i am guilty of never dressing up because i feel like i have to have an event/function for it…that includes trips just to go to the mall. haha…sad, i know.

    but who cares about my fashion, did you watch white collar on tuesday!!!??? AHHHHHHH!!! Neil is so cute….I die. hehe.

  15. You look great, Brandi! I really loved doing the “What I wore” posts and actually want to continue doing it because it motivates me to actually try and not be lazy in the mornings!

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