Happy January + CSN Giveaway

Time for a giveaway! I told you exciting things were coming soon  Smile

As a Preferred Blogger, I’ve been given another chance to have an awesome giveaway for all of you. And, if you’re like me, online shopping is a way too much fun come January – all the more reason to have a gift card to use on whatever you want!

Maybe you’re in the market for a new laptop messenger bag or maybe you’re looking for some new bedding or you might even be searching for some new cookware (ps: I also have a super fun review coming soon!).


Whatever it is you’re looking for, CSN has it.

I’ve not only been able to hold giveaways and review some of their products, I’ve become a personal fan, as well. Their customer service is some of the best I’ve ever dealt with and it makes online shopping so much easier.


The Prize

A $100 Gift Code to use in any of CSN stores online.


How to Win

  • Leave a comment here with something you’ve been wanting lately – new pillows? shoes? a food processor? I want to know!

For additional entries

  • Leave a comment with a recipe you’d like to see me make-over into a healthier dish
  • Follow CSN on Twitter @csnstores and leave a comment letting me know you did


*This contest is open to U.S. and Canadian readers

I’ll pick a winner Monday January 24th – Good luck!


  1. Would love to add to my le creuset cookware set with this giveaway.

  2. I’ve been wanting a Wok lately!

  3. i would really love an immersion blender! i made a carrot, squash and chickpea soup the other night and an immersion blender really would have come in handy when i got to the puree step. thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I’d like to see you make over a fattening chinese dish like General Tso’s Chicken, but made with tofu!!

  5. I’m following CSN stores @csnstores on twitter!

  6. Hi Brandi! I have been eyeing a new bedding set, I moved into a new house like you this year and would love to freshen up my room. Thanks :)

  7. I really want an immersion blender….also a duvet cover for my down comforter.

  8. I’ve been wanting new bedding, we are still using what my husband had from his first marriage….time for a fresh start!

  9. I just bought a new food processor but I’m sure there is something else I could find at CSN to spend $100 on!!! :)

  10. I would love a single serving coffee maker.

  11. I just started to follow @csnstores!! I made a tweet about the giveaway !!

  12. Some new Le Creuset baking dishes would be awesome.

  13. I follow on Twitter already.

  14. I’ve been wanting new shoes.

  15. I follow CSN on Twitter (@mami2jcn)

  16. I’ve been wanting some new bakeware and serving dishes!

  17. I would love some new nonstick cookware! Plus I am always a sucker for kitchen gadgets.

  18. I’d like to see you make-over the broccoli cheese soup from Panera…

  19. I am dying for new bath towels!

  20. I’ve been dying for some new food storage containers to organize my mess of a pantry. (Wow, that makes me sound really cool, huh?) ;)

  21. I need an immersion blender!!

  22. I would love a food processor!

  23. I also would like if you could healthify chicken and dumplings!

  24. I have been jones-ing for one of those big cutting boards/blocks to keep on my kitchen counter. :)

  25. A recipe make-over idea: something totally unhealthy like biscuits ‘n gravy or chicken and dumplings!

  26. My big wish lately (since making dozens upon dozens of batches of cookies at Christmas time) would be a Kitchen Aid Mixer….but since they are out of my price range right now, my next lust has been a nice tote bag to bring things back & forth to work….I’m sure I can think of other things as well!

  27. I would totally love some new baking dishes (much like the ones in your above post :)… )

  28. Lately I’ve been wanting a medium sized soup pot – with all these stews/soups I’m making it’d be great to not have to use the giant pasta pot and have just a middle sized pot that would be perfect for a few servings but not too small that it almost overflows!

  29. I would love to see a nice healthy recipe for cheesecake!

  30. it would be nice to have a nice healthy recipe for cheesecake (is there such thing??)!

  31. I would love to buy some new knives. The ones I have are several years old and are one of those “seen on tv” brands.

  32. I would love to buy a food processor :)

  33. I’m following csnstores on twitter!

  34. I’d love to see you do a makeover on tiramisu! Veganizing it would be fun :)

  35. I would love more pots and pans for the kitchen!

  36. It would be fun to see grasshopper brownies lightened up. I just made a pan and they are delicious but so incredibly rich you can’t eat more than a tiny square.

  37. I would love to put money towards a new mixer or bedding set. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! Love your blog.

  38. Awesome! I’ve been wanting a dutch oven!

  39. I would love to have a food processor. It’s getting very tiring to figure out ways around not having one…

    Although I may be tempted to check out the shoes… ;)

  40. I’ve been wanting some new running shoes, but my old ones aren’t quite worn yet!

  41. I have been wanting a great pair of leather boots such as the Naturalizer Women’s Array Boots in Oxford Brown Wide

  42. i would lOVE a cast iron frying pan, or a Pink duvet cover.

  43. I’d love a hand mixer or stand mixer – there are so many recipes I haven’t been able to make bc I dont have one

  44. I would love a food processor!

  45. I would like to see if you could make macaroni and cheese healthy. I am always looking for a healthier recipe but I never seem to find one that catches my attention or that sounds good. :)

  46. I’d love a makeover for sloppy joes!

  47. $100, please pick me. I really really really need things for my new condo! Im in need of…a toaster, coffee maker, rug, end tables and seriously…everything!

  48. I’ve been wanting some new side pillows for my new couch!

  49. Hi Brandi! Thanks for the great opportunity. I would LOVE a new food processor. Mine died about six months ago, and I have yet to replace it.

    I would also love to see a makeover of a seafood chowder recipe. My body doesn’t handle heavy cream well, so I would love to find a replacement.

    Enjoy your day!

  50. I follow CSN on Twitter as aubreyfick.

  51. I would love to buy a new set of pots & pans.

  52. I’ve been wanting new cookie sheets! And more time! There’s never enough it seems.

  53. I just purchased my new desk from CSN. So glad I read blogs, because otherwise I’d never have known about them and would have missed out on a great desk at a great price!
    Anyways…I really need a new comfy chair to sit at my new desk with! Sounds random, but…it’s the truth :P They have a massager one that looks just right.

  54. I’ve been wanting a food processor lately.

  55. I would like to see lasagna made into a healthier dish.

  56. I have been wanting new bedding!! But there are also some kitchen things that I would love to buy too! Either way this giftcard would help out BIG time!!!

  57. I’m dying for a food processor so I can make some banana soft serve! My blender is just not cutting it!

  58. I’d love a healthier version of mac and cheese! I have seen many heathified versions but they all still don’t seem very healthy!

  59. I have been wishing for a new table cloth,mine looks horrid!

  60. A healthy cheesecake?? Is that even possible?
    Well, I wish it was possible.

  61. I follow csn on twitter@meeyeehere

  62. I’ve been wanting a fun colorful dutch oven for braising and all the soups I have been making!

  63. I desperately need some new pots. Everything I cook seems to stick to the bottom of the ones I got for my wedding. And my husband only cooks on one temperature which is *high* so MANY a meal has been ruined because of these pots.

  64. I desperately need some stuff to organize all of my cookware, dinnerware, containers, etc. I live in a very small space and my attempts to keep things organized seem to go out the window after just a few days!

  65. Remake: Chicken alfredo pasta. I’ve tried the light sauce from Classico, but it’s just not the same :-/


  66. I would love some paula deen cookware in red! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  67. I would love a healthy version of mac and cheese! tracietrump@yahoo.com

  68. i absolutely need a new food processor! hoping for a bigger size

  69. follow csn on twitter!

  70. A Kitchenaid Mixer!! I have been wanting one for years and years but there always seems to be something that I NEED more. My poor little mixer was given to me by my husband about 20 years ago when we were dating. I have loved on that mixer a little too much… it had a really hard time getting through all of the batches of dough this past Christmas. :)

  71. how about a makeover for cheescakes? perhaps raw?

  72. A five gallon bucket of unrefined organic coconut oil :)

  73. I would like to have a new set of kitchen knives–mine are really dull. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  74. Can you make-over a recipe for traditional chicken and dumplings?

  75. Since Christmas was just here I can’t say that there is much that I do want, however, I’d love for an organizer to come in and rethink my kitchen layout for me. . .

    I love your french fried donuts. Can you make that over into something healthier?

  76. That cookware is beautiful! I’ve been jonesing for an ice cream maker for years now, personally :)

  77. I really want a laptop briefcase!

  78. I’ve been wanting an 8-inch nonstick omelet pan or a food processor! I feel like those are two kitchen staples and yet I have neither!!

  79. an immersion stick blender! i want! i want!

  80. I totally want a new food processor. I had a nut butter fail last weekend, and I think part of the reason why is because I have a cheap, crappy, mini-processor! Time to upgrade…

  81. I’ve been wanting a new pair of black heels so badly! I keep telling my husband I “need” them but he’s not going for it…… :)

  82. Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!
    I would love to get a dutch oven to make braised short ribs!!!

    thanks again :)

  83. and the recipe i would love to see a healthier version of is CARROT CAKE!!!

  84. im following CSN on twitter :D

  85. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a rice cooker!! After reading blog after blog I’m learning how easy it is to cook different forms of rice and quinoa! I’ve been eating super healthy but don’t have the time it takes to practice cooking all these foods. This seems fool proof and it would just make me so happy!!!!

  86. I’ve been wanting a food processor for a long time now! And a front bike carrier for my little dog so we can go biking together :)

  87. I’ve been wanting some new bakeware and I’m in love with the Rachael Ray stuff at CSN!!

  88. I’ve been on the look out for a nice dresser for our nursery. It’s the last piece of furniture that we need to purchase for the room.

  89. I’ve been wanting to get some commercial grade baking sheets for a while now. I hate that my sheets always warp in the oven.

  90. Oh, so many things to choose. My food processor is on its last legs so that might be top of the list!

  91. For recipe make over, how about a light/low calorie stroganoff that doesn’t use canned soup?

  92. I would love to have an immersion blender. It would really amp up my soup portfolio:)

    Plus I looove gadgets!

  93. i would loveeeee a new pair of sneakers!

  94. i’ve been looking for a way to make-over some healthy pizza!

  95. i love csn! lately i’ve been wanting new sheets for my bed – i feel like i need to make my bedroom “my throne!”

  96. I’m following CSN stores on twitter!

  97. I have been wanting lilac le creuset. And graham & brown paintable beadboard wallpaper. And a belgian waffle maker. And… well, so many things!

  98. an exercise ball chair! i have this fantasy wherein i acquire one and all my back pains vanish ;).

  99. I follow CSN on twitter. @tammigirl

  100. Can you make pecan pie healthier? I can not turn down pecan pie.

  101. Something I’ve been wanting to buy: New dishes, placemats, etc.

  102. ugh, i’ve been wanting to pass school. haha i have such a hard schedule this smester! its’ going to be difficult!!

  103. i think you would do a really good job at making a healthier rice pudding, i can just see it now.

  104. i would love some new items for organization

  105. We need a new duvet cover, ours is starting to fray.

  106. I’d love to see healthier ginger snaps.

  107. I want a new cutting board.

  108. I’d like to see you make coconut milk ice cream (dairy free!).

  109. I would love a new immersion blender, the one I have comes apart when I use it.

  110. I follow @csnstores on twitter

  111. I want new brown boots soooooo bad!

  112. I would love a blender. The one I had broke, and I just have not gotten a new one to replace it. Spring and summer are coming and I want to make smoothies and milkshakes!

  113. Well, my recipe request is a little different: You’ve posted several amazing cookie recipes in the past couple of months that had nuts in them. I am highly allergic and was wondering if you had any ways to make them nut free?
    Thanks love!
    PS. Thank you for the super nice comment on my blog earlier. So sweet of you to say!

  114. i’ve been lusting over the new le creuset cassis color… i’d love to pick up a piece in that!

  115. how about lemon bars?

  116. i would love a new dining room set. that’s #1 on my wishlist!
    however, for $100 I could really use a new toaster oven and waffle maker!

  117. i follow them on twitter!

  118. a healthy hot fudge sundae with all the fixins!

  119. I would like a nice kitty tree.

  120. I want a kitchen scale and maybe a new lamp for our living room remodel. Great giveaway!!

  121. Any dessert recipe made healthier would be something I would love to see!

  122. Love this giveaway! I’ve been wanting a new dutch oven for making soups and stews. Mine bit the dust :(

  123. I’d love a bread book.. or a baking stone.. or a food processor.. and the list goes on =)

  124. I’d love an ice-cream maker!

  125. I follow csn on twitter @deegee13

  126. I would love the kidkraft sling bookshelf for my sons room

  127. I follow CSN on twitter as edmontonjb

  128. Oh!! Good thinking- I do need a new messenger bag for my laptop!

  129. My microwave takes over 5 minutes to cook 1-minute oats. I’d love a new one!

  130. Hi, I’ve been wanting a new set of drinking glasses. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  131. I follow CSN Stores on Twitter (@shala_darkstone).

  132. I would love to get a new immersion blender now that my old standby finally called it quits. Thanks for the giveaway!

  133. Definitely in the market for some new pillows!

  134. I’d really like a pasta cutter so I can start making my own. I really also want that bakeware in the picture!!!

  135. Oh and can you make a healthier version of the enchiladas cancun that chichi’s used to make? the recipes i’ve found aren’t really all that healthy….

  136. I would really like a new pair of shoes for the gym. I love going to the gym, but I wish I could find a new pair of shoes that I can wear when I go! :)

  137. I am in desperate need of a new set of dishes… this would make a nice dent in some!! :)

  138. I would LOVE a food processor. It’s not in the budget for me but I’ve been eyeing them forever. That would definitely be my purchase!

  139. I want a cast iron pan. Old school, I know!

  140. i would love to replace my dining room set!
    it is an old oak thing i have had 4 20 years!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  141. i love meat loaf with bacon…can you fix that?
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  142. csn on twitter
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

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  144. I’m a follower! I soo so badly need an area rug for my living room… my couch slides across the wood floor quicker than Kristi Yamaguchi on ice! It’s so embarrassing when people come over and have to chase the couch when they’re trying to sit down hahah!!!

  145. I really really love dips, any dip recipe that you make over to be healthier would be marvelous! All that cream cheese is starting to catch up with me ha!

  146. i really want a chandelier for our master . and i would love to see you make over the cashew chicken cassarole recipie!

  147. I have been wanting a kitchen aid!

  148. I’m dying for a new food processor! Mine broke over Christmas break (I think I made one too many batches of protein ice cream. Wah!)

  149. You know what I’d love to see? Some healthy “recipes for one”. Being that I’m alone at college and cooking for myself, it’s hard to figure out recipes that are just enough for me :)

  150. following on Twitter! –> pbjenny12

  151. I am always in need of new kitchen appliances! But I have been wanting some new shoes lately….

  152. I’d love a new laptop bag!

  153. I also follow CSN on twitter.

  154. recipe makeover: a healthy coffee cake – the traditional coffeecake with the crumbly top! :) if it is gluten free, ALL the better!

  155. I would get the Cuisinart Panini/Sandwich Maker for sure.

  156. I follow CSN Stores on twitter. ID: Lyndadawinda

  157. Kind of boring I know… but I desperately need new baking sheets! Would love to get some nice ones. Thanks!

  158. I want that gorgeous Le Creuset in your cabinet! I’d love to have a deep dish casserole.

  159. I’d love to have a really good lowfat eggplant parmesan recipe.

  160. Follow csn on twitter @suburbsanity.

  161. I have been wanting a tofu press and a new gym bag!

  162. I would like to see a healthy, vegan peanut butter cookie recipe!

  163. I would love to win so that I can get a melissa & doug dollbed for my daughter for her birthday!

  164. i want a new purse
    tcogbill at live dot com

  165. I follow CSN on twitter

  166. I really want a Cuisinart Griddler.

  167. I’ve been wanting some new boots!

  168. i wanna buy kettlebells!

  169. The hubs needs a laptop bag to fit his 18″ behemoth, and they’re just way too pricey right now…so yeah, it’d definitely go to that!

  170. I desperately need to buy a new coffee maker!

  171. I need new bakeware so I can trash all the crappy ruined stuff I have!

  172. I’ve been wanting new bowls! A past roommate broke/cracked some of my favorite soup vessels, and it is not much fun to put a new recipe into a cracked bowl!

  173. Oh–and I would love to see healthy mac n cheese variations. My favorite!

  174. I have been wanting a food processor f-o-r-e-v-e-r……..Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  175. Oh my! I would absolutely love a food processor. I have been wanting one f-o-r-e-v-e-r!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  176. I would love for you to make over a healthier dish of Greek Mousakka!

  177. I am now following CSN stores on twitter!


  178. I could really use some new queen sheets!!

  179. I’d love to see eggplant parmigiana made more healthy (less frying!)

  180. I follow CSN via twitter (corgipants).

  181. I need new baking sheets – bad. I made a pizza earlier in the week and it got stuck and I almost threw the whole thing in the garbage!

  182. I have been wanting a Le Creuset tea kettle and maybe a dutch oven.

  183. I would love to see a healthy version on manicotti

  184. I’ve been wanting some new sheets for my bed! :)

  185. I follow CSN on Twitter as “calidreamin87”

  186. I have been really wanting a nice blender!! :)

  187. A decandant breakfast… like cheese waffles or german pancakes!

  188. I would love to get a new handbag or new bedding (especially a duvet).

  189. I would get an fire extinguisher


    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  190. I’d love to have a great rice cooker or an electric tea kettle.

  191. A healthier dish … vegetarian eggrolls. I can’t do fried foods anymore, and I’d love to see a healthier eggroll — maybe baked? I haven’t played around with it.

  192. I followed CSN on Twitter as CeeVegNashville.

  193. I’ve seriously been wanting a new food processor lately! Thanks for the giveaway!

  194. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d love to see a healthy tiramisu recipe!

  195. I follow CSN on Twitter! @FakeGradSchool

  196. I am planning to buy a new bed with my tax refund…going from a king to a queen. I would love to buy a couple sets of good quality sheets!

  197. I really want to buy a 10 Drawer Storage Unit for my new workbox system I want to start

  198. I follow CSN on Twitter @ASDsupportNC

  199. Definitely a new pair of espadrilles!

  200. Fantastic work, hope more people will post as you did above. This is very good start for me. I’m not a native English speaker or writer, Thank you.

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