Best Week Ever

Do you ever watch the show Best Week Ever on VH1? It used to be the highlight of my Friday nights – they had the best commentators and it was always hilarious.

This past week and weekend, I had some funny, awkward or awesome things happen that totally made my week.

My Best Week Ever. 1/15/11.

– I have a pretty bad bruise on my knee, thanks to Maggie’s hard head. We were playing chase in the house the other night and she changed directions on me and slammed her noggin right into my knee cap. The bruise itself isn’t the strange thing – but the bruise is so bad that my doctor noticed and asked me about it this week during my appointment. Awkward.

– Most nights in our house start out like this:


Maggie is ready to play as soon as we get home.


She doesn’t really sit still…until we get out the blankets and she’s ready to cuddle. Otherwise, this (above) is what she looks like. No wonder that bruise is so bad.


She also has other funny moves we’ve named, such as:

  • the poot’n’scoot
  • butt tuck’n’run

There is no evidence yet because both of those happen SO fast and I can’t catch them on camera.

– Friday night, we went easy and local for dinner. I ordered two pizzas from our favorite local place (Mikie’s 7th) and we picked up some Shooting Creek beer (local!) on the way home.


We were happy and excited about our meal until we opened the boxes – the crust looked like it wasn’t even cooked!


The pizza still tasted great – it just wasn’t the same.

– It’s a little creepy making coffee in the morning in our new kitchen. The stovetop glows red.IMG_1124

The reddish pink glow really highlights the fruit wallpaper, don’t you think? ; )

What were your highlights of the week? Funny, embarrassing, amusing? I want to know!


  1. Awww – I love those pics of Maggie! (gosh – her and Lando and Harvey would SO get along – you basically described my nights as well – down to the funny dog terms – while ours are different, we still have made up phrases just like that!) – sorry about your knee and bra – lol but I did chuckle at those stories! :)

  2. hahaha- I love that your OBGYN noticed the bruise. I have definitely gotten a few of those from Frank. I love how they will run right into you and then continue running around like nothing happened. Bummer about the pizza! But glad it was still good!

    Thank you for the congrats message :)

  3. Haha, your bra strap story is hilarious! At least you grabbed a bottle of wine :)

    My weekend was great – went on a 7 mile hike near the Pacific ocean!

  4. my stovetop is similar! its so creepy at like 6am when its super dark. looks like an alien invasion in my kitchen haha!


  5. those photos of mag are priceless. i love them.

  6. Oye ve, Maggie needs some quiet time! Lol! My little cat Leo constantly gives me scratches and/or causes me to bump into things. I guess it is the hazards to having a rambunctious pet. Hope the knee feels better soon!

  7. LOL @ the bra incident! Bummer on the pizza :(


  8. The funniest thing I saw over the weekend was my cat catching a mouse and playing catch and release for a while. That mouse was doomed from the start.

    The bad part was that the mouse came from my kitchen… It better not have other little mouse friends waiting to play.

  9. Definitely does look like an incredible week! And that’s a funny story about your bra strap. That’s happened to me once except the back of the bra somehow came unhooked. I’m sure nobody noticed of course, but the *feeling* that it’s noticable drives you crazy!

  10. Awww, so happy you had such a great week! :)

  11. LOLZ! I remember that show! We used to watch it all the time! And do you remember Pop-Up video? I’m way showing my age now, but that was another vh1 win!
    Mad respect for such an attentive GYN! :)
    I hope we get to see the poot’n’scoot!

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