Greek Nachos

In my latest favorites post the other day, you got a sneak peak at our meal the other night but I knew it needed its own post.


I mean…it’s not every day we come up with such fun dinner ideas!

Last Monday, I made some whole wheat pitas (using the same recipe I used the last time) and we filled the pitas with hummus and spiced turkey with big salads on the side.


But as we were sitting at the table eating dinner, I looked over to Nick’s plate and saw just a pile of cut-up pitas, blobs of hummus, and ground turkey. He had already finished his salad and was working on the rest – but I swore it looked like a big plate of nachos, just without the nasty liquid nacho cheese sauce.

So, instead of just reheating the leftovers the next night and having the same exact meal – we turned them into Greek Nachos.

And it was one of our best ideas ever.



For the “nachos”, we layered:

  • cut up whole wheat pitas (we just crisped them up in a pan with some oil, but you could toast them, too)
  • hummus
  • spiced ground turkey
  • romaine
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • kalamata and green olives
  • olive oil and balsamic



I loved eating this dinner – it was so much fun to have "nachos” that tasted completely different than what you would expect.

Plus, we still got in a few servings of veggies and it was a new way to use up leftovers.


I wonder how many different variations of nachos we could come up with…Italian? Thai?

The options are endless!


If you could make your PERFECT version of nachos, what would it be?


  1. Way to go with the creativity!! I would love to have some sort of pizza nachos :-)

  2. I am actually not a fan of nachos, but those greek nachos look fantastic! I don’t really like chips, but pita bread is the perfect substitute! Great idea.

  3. I think YOURS might be the perfect version of nachos! I love Greek food :)

  4. I just saw an article in the Food Network Magazine for 50 different kinds of Nachos and they had a Greek option listed and I thought it was a marvelous idea! They also had a buffalo chicken nachos that looked amazing.

  5. What a great idea!! Pita and hummus = LOVE! :)

  6. They would be a replicate of the sweet potato nachos I had at Farmhaus: sweet potato chips, blue cheese, bacon, jalapenos and fire roasted ketchup!

  7. excellent idea! a much healthier take on nachos…

  8. Dessert nachos. I know, not the most original idea, but my gosh how good would it be to load cinnamon pita chips with every sweet topping imaginable…

  9. Yum! I love that idea!!

  10. These sound awesome! I would just throw some feta on top!

  11. Looks so good! Reminds me of something I read the other day–7 layer greek dip. A greek twist on the mexican version. I love your nachos!

  12. Very fun. I saw something similar elsewhere awhile ago that intrigued me but I believe it had a Tatziki sauce instead of hummus. Yum.

    Although I have to admit, nacho sauce is SO my thing.

  13. These look great! Coincidentally, I smelled nachos in one of my classrooms today. They were the cheesy kind, though…nothing nearly this healthy or creative. I love the use of the pita, too!

  14. That’s a genius idea, Brandi!! I want Korean nachos! Maybe with BBQ ground beef, some romaine lettuce with sesame dressing, and kimchi!!

    And hey…I LIKE them nasty liquid nacho cheese sauce!! Haha! ;-)

    • Wow, these are so creative! I want to have a dinner party now just so I can make them. Maybe I’d use falafels instead of turkey!
      Sophia I love your idea too! What would you use for the chips?

      ps. I’m making a mental note to keep up with your blog, I’ve gotten so busy and totally neglected blogger lately!

  15. Love it!!! Looks delicious :) Would probably be really good with Tzatziki sauce too!


  16. greek nachos sound pretty darn good right now acutally!!! hmmmm I would love to try some sweet style nachos with chocolate coconut and peanut butter YUM

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