A Merry Christmas

The best part of Christmas this year was the fact that Nick and I were in our new home and we had family visiting. It was a full house – lots of talking, laughing, eating, and drinking coffee in front of the fireplace.

On Christmas Day, some people went sledding on the hill behind our house and we went to a local Inn for Christmas breakfast, which, was a whole new level of fun.

I was actually crying at breakfast, I was laughing so hard. It was great, and I’m so happy we had a good first Christmas in our home. It made the move over the holidays worth every minute.

Especially since we had a tree!


And even though our Christmas was a little rushed and crazy and full of moving furniture and boxes, Nick and I got some awesome gifts this year that we were very excited about.

Some of my favorites?

First, see that little Christmas tree on the mantle, in front of the mirror? My little sister made those for us. It’s a little tree with buttons for ornaments and a wrapped piece of styrofoam for the base – super cute.

This lamp that my dad made me! It’s an antique coffee pot turned into living room lamp – so neat!


I also got a cake stand – a real cake stand! You have no idea how excited I am for this. Now I can quit using the ugly old green plastic bowl and matching lid as a stand in. I also got the most amazing housewarming gift from my mom and dad that will help me make cakes, but that’s for another post.



My older sister got me this fun bottle of wine – from Middle Sister Wines, which is awesome since I’m the middle ; )


I just love the label! I think she bought it at Target, and I’m excited to try more of their wines.

My new slippers = best things ever. They are fluffy and warm and they look a little like footballs, right? I have them on every day once we get home. And they have a really thick rubber sole so I can wear them to take Maggie out, too.


My most surprising gift? This necklace from Nick.

One of his parents’ friends (and a friend of ours) makes jewelry, and he had her make me this piece with pearls and a natural sapphire. It is beautiful.


And I love the clasps she uses!


And an awesome and unexpected gift from a fellow blogger!

I got the sweetest note from Lauren at Veg:ology, plus some delicious Gingerbread Granola along with the recipe, and these adorable personalized kitchen towels.



I love the coffee cups and the font – thanks so much Lauren!

We also got a great gift basket from Nick’s parents with red and white wine glasses and a few bottles to try.

And the one I’m using the most already (besides my slippers)? A really cute (and huge!) cooler bag from Nick’s sister and her husband. It’s polka dotted and is big enough to carry both of our lunch stuff. I’ll have to remember to get a picture. I love it already.

All in all, Christmas was over and above what I anticipated. I was just so happy to be in our new house and to know that our Jovenes fundraiser was going well that I didn’t really care what I got, if anything. I think the only things I actually asked for were a few cookbooks and socks – exciting, huh? : ) But we were overwhelmed with our gifts from all of our family.

What about you? Any gifts you received that totally took you by surprise? Ones you’re super excited about?


  1. ooh I love that teal chair lingering back there in the background!

    • Thanks! We just ordered a new rug on super sale that will (hopefully) bring it out even more :)

      It’s an old chair we got from a random consignment store a few years ago and never really used until we moved into this house! It’s my new favorite reading chair :)

  2. Haha I also am a middle sister, and love the Middle Sister wines…especially because I am both a “rebel red (head)” and a “smartypants” :)

  3. What a beautiful necklace! And the lamp is so original. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL home and presents!

    The gifts that were my favorite AND shocked me the most = the necklace and letter/poem. You know all about them ;)

  5. I heart Middle Sister wine! We drink it occasionally around here, too!

  6. i love that lamp!
    i got lots of lovely things-i’m honestly probably the most excited about my popcorn maker-i eat popcorn like 4 times a week, and washing out a pot every time gets old fast!

    • mmm…i love popcorn, too! It’s my favorite evening snack, but I haven’t had it in a while. Seems like tonight might be a good night :)

  7. Such a wonderful day!! Glad you had a great one and YAY for the cake stand!!!

  8. I love those kitchen towels!! They’re fabulous!!

  9. I seriously love that lamp!!

  10. That necklace is beautiful! So glad you had a great Christmas =)

  11. Glad you liked the towels and granola :) … but that lamp is seriously cool!!! Make sure your dad knows it’s a hit and I am totally jealous.

  12. That chair is BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE LAMP!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas! You got some truly awesome gifts. The lamp is VERY cool and I love the necklace.

  14. Loving the lamp and necklace and those towels are very cute. Wonderful gifts!


  15. i love love love love love love love that lamp! seriously, obsessed.

  16. Sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas! I bet everyone loved being at your new place..it seems to fit you perfectly! Glad you’re enjoying it :-)

  17. How freaking cute are those towels!

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