A Few Snapshots

The move is going well. We haven’t done much yet since my family is coming up tonight to help us with the bigger furniture, but things are moving quickly!

Since I just had my surgery done two weeks ago, I can’t lift anything too heavy so I’m helping with lighter items and unpacking – and, actually, I’ll be at work for most of the day today while Nick is working on stuff until my family arrives.

I’m so excited to get in the house and for my family to see it! It will be fun to have Christmas in our new home ; )

And honestly – it still doesn’t feel real yet. I can’t believe this is our house.

For now – here are a few shots of my favorite parts of the house.


We definitely have plans to change up some wallpaper / paint in the house, but we just fell in love with the layout and the charm of this old farm house. And the updated kitchen didn’t hurt, either ; )





And this view from the front porch. Can’t be beat!

Not sure what will be posted next – most of my food for the next few days will be quick meals and I’m not sure when I’ll have time to sit and post more pictures, but they’ll be coming as soon as possible!


PS: We’re on our way to reaching our goal! If you’re still looking for something to do to give back this season, please consider helping Jovenes.

Help Holly + me raise money for Jovenes en Camino, an orphanage in Honduras for abused, homeless and orphaned children. Tis’ the season for  giving – we hope you’ll join us in this challenge.


  1. Brandi – that kitchen is a DREAM!!! Beautiful house.
    Have a great day!

  2. Love the view from your porch! Looks like a great spot to take in a sunrise or sunset with a warm cup of coffee.

  3. Congrats on the house! The kitchen is beautiful!! I love the countertops!

  4. Double wall oven?!??!! I’m droolinggggggggg… the kitchen is lovely!

  5. I love it!

  6. That view is stunningly amazing!!!

    It’s great when you can see past easily fixable things like wallpaper when buying a house- it scares so many people away and they miss out on beautiful places like yours! :)

  7. There’s so much room! And I would die for the counter top space in that kitchen! So exciting :)

  8. A big (and light!) kitchen and a beautiful yard… you’re living the dream, girl :-)

  9. That house looks adorable! This is so exciting for you!

  10. Wow Brandi what a great house! The kitchen is so open and huge! The view from the front porch is amazing. What a sight! Perfect for morning cups of coffee and afternoons sips of iced tea in the summer.

  11. Oh My!! Congratulations on your new home, It’s beautiful. I look forward to many wonderful recipes coming from that lovely new kitchen of yours. The claw foot tub….to die for!! And that porch with the amazing view….priceless!! Enjoy every minute of it, even the unpacking.

  12. Love the counter space, and cabinet space of that kitchen! Also, what a beautiful fireplace, hardwood floors, and view! No wonder you’re so excited! Congratulations!

    Look, four exclamation points. Bats and balls, bats and balls. :)

  13. Your view is beautiful! And the kitchen! Awesome.

  14. Congratulations! Enjoy your new place! I love the lightness of the kitchen, and dream of having a view that beautiful some day! Best wishes on your move.

  15. Wow! It all looks so wonderful! I especially love that big kitchen. Think of the things you will make!

  16. Natural light + counter space = you have one awesome kitchen.

    I hope you enjoy your new house. The view is amazing and makes me miss Virginia.

  17. gorgeous view, and what a fabulous kitchen!! good luck with the move :)

  18. omg that is a beautiful view from your front porch!! i am absolutely jealous!

    and i love the fireplace in that bedroom!!!

  19. I love all the old charm in your house. I also envy you because i’ve just started the process of looking for a condo and I just want to be moved in now. The realness will slowly sink in once all your stuff is moved in and you start having others over. Congrats!

  20. It looks AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait to see more! :)

  21. What a cute place! I hope you guys enjoy your new home!

  22. WOW talk about hard work paying off- the place is beautiful. what a perfect choice! now all u need to do is rest up and take care. wishing you a lovely Christmas <3 <3 xoxo

  23. Gorgeous!!!
    I LOVE that kitchen!!!


  24. What a beautiful house Brandi! It’ll be so nice to be all settled and moved in :-)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  25. Wow, Brandi, the house is beautiful!!! I am so jealous of your new kitchen!!

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