Saturday Snapshots

When Nick is away…


the girls will laze.


This morning was the epitome of perfection when it comes to a fall Saturday.

Nick went hunting with our neighbors, so it was just me, Maggie, and Roxy at home.


We did all the important things, like…laying around in my pajamas until 11:30, drinking too much coffee, cuddling on the couch, and indulging in my two favorite weekend tv programs.

I tried some new fair trade coffee, which was roasted just over the mountain in Floyd, Virginia. Delicious!



Breakfast was quick and easy and around 10:30, which is so late for me! I was enjoying the lazy morning so much that I didn’t even want to get up off the couch to make food ; )  Some eggs, oatbran, and clementines plus a lot of good coffee.


And my favorite things about Saturday mornings: College Game Day, and…


One Tree Hill reruns. I know – a little pathetic, but I can’t help it!

Random fact of the day:

The guy in that shot, on the right? He played Alex in one season of the show and his name is Michael Copon.

Well, I went to school with him! Middle + high school. It’s funny (and very strange) to see him on tv. He quit coming to school in high school when he went off to start modeling and starring as Power Ranger. 

As for me, today includes a lot more football – our game is on right now, and there are two more I have plans to watch later : )

I love days like this! Especially since I was also a little productive – I bought groceries, got my hair trimmed, and will probably work on some laundry tonight after I get dinner started.

Do you know anyone “famous”? Ever met a celebrity? I want to hear your stories!


  1. I love stories like that. A girl that played in the band with me ended up being a really good broadway actress. It was kind of cool to read her name places.

  2. First there’s no shame in watching breakfast in bed reruns on the soap channel. It’s perfect for relaxing days.

    Pretty neat that you went to school with Michael. Unfortunately I don’t have any brushes with celebrity to share like that. I did run into one of the actors from Prison Break in Portland OR while on vaca and Montel in the airport. That’s about it.

  3. i guess one of my job perks is that i meet a lot of celebs. sometimes i wish i didn’t, though. while a lot are great in person, there is something really disheartening when you meet someone you idoloize and they just suck.

  4. Thanks for posting a pic of Maggie – I was wondering where she had been lately! :)

  5. Glad you had a relaxing/enjoyable day!! That is so cool that you went to school with someone famous!

  6. This sounds like the perfect Saturday – I LOVE the first photo of Maggie. She’s a cutie!

    I’ve never known anyone famous, however I did see Rachael Bilson while in LA and that was definitely a highlight of the trip.

  7. um, i love oth and still watch it every single week!!! no embarrassment there!

  8. Maggie looks so grown up!

    The only famous person from my high school is a porn star on Cinemax.

    He graduated a year after me and was very handsome.

    (I can not confirm this, because I dont get Cinemax)
    Darn cable company!!!!

    *Confirmed, I just googled him, oh my

  9. WOW, im pretty sure youre the only person that can make a Saturday feel like a Friday night, or at least the same way i wish i spent it <3 <3

  10. Funny that you say you went to school with the guy on the right, bc I went to school with the guy on the left in that shot. haha His name is Lee Noris. Small world :)

  11. Those are my favorite kind of Saturdays! Now that my race is over I see many of them in my future!

    Some people are predicting an OU/VA Tech post-season matchup. How fun would that be? I promise I won’t gloat too much when OU wins ;)

    I haven’t met many famous people. I met Toby Keith several times, but he is a total jerk. That’s super cool that you went to school with him! I used to love One Tree Hill.

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