And the Waiting Begins…

On a dreary, rainy mid November afternoon, an offer was made.

So now we wait!

Yup – Nick and I put our very first offer on a house and our job now is just to wait until we hear back.

It’s so exciting!!!

But someone should please remind me that the house is not ours yet…maybe I’ll stop using all my free time looking up furniture for sale.

Overall, our Tuesday was pretty busy – we put the offer in, went to our routine dentist appointments (all good!), had an easy dinner of leftovers, and ended up reading almost all evening because a HUGE storm came through and knocked out the cable.

Here’s hoping our Wednesday is just as exciting Smile


Sort-of practical question:

What’s the first thing you buy when you get into a new house/apartment? OR what’s the first thing you WANT to buy when YOU get into a new place?

New furniture? Kitchen gadgets? Rugs? Curtains?

I am definitely excited about being able to decorate.

And a bigger kitchen = KitchenAid stand mixer. My dream appliance.


  1. Congrats! Crossing my fingers for you! The first things we bought were a couch and a table to eat at. We still don’t have window treatments or furniture in half of our house!

  2. Congratulations!! How exciting!!! The first thing I bought was the living room furniture. Not sure why…….?
    Good luck – hope it all works out!

  3. Congrats on making an offer! Hope everything works out!!!

  4. Congrats! Good luck! I hope you get the house!! :)

  5. Good luck! I hope your offer gets accepted!

  6. How exciting! Good house vibes for you and Nick!

  7. AH! Can’t wait to hear what happens!!! This is so exciting :)

    I just look forward to the entire decorating process of when I get my own place.

  8. congrats! that is very exciting :) hope things continue to go well! when i moved to my apt in boston i had to make some grown-up purchases like my first couch and a couple of rugs… never knew how expensive those things were!

  9. I’ve only ever moved into already furnished apartments with my job. So I always look for ways to make it my own, like curtains and things. But if it is yours think about small changes you can afford to make it yours without braking the bank :-)

    Congrats Brandi!

  10. I’m closing on my first house today! The first thing I plan on buying is a couch hah but the first housewarming gift I’ve received was a Kitchenaid mixer (thrilled!)

  11. Congratulations! I really hope that they accept your offer.

    I like to “nest” when I go somewhere new, which usually requires fabrics. Curtains and rugs are always the first necessity.

  12. Congrats! That’s so exciting! Hopefully it goes through soon and the house will be yours! I can’t wait until we can buy a house but it doesn’t really make sense just yet since we’ve been moving so much with the Air Force :-P Oh well, someday. When we do move, I hope we have a huge dining room and I’ll buy a big dining room table that can fit my entire family+some :)

  13. Yay!! Good luck:) Waiting is the hardest part.

  14. Congratulations–I hope you get the house! On a practical note, the first thing I bought when I moved in to my apartment was toilet paper! You definitely need that! :) It took us about 5 months to fully furnish our apartment with everything we really wanted and needed. Good luck!! :)

  15. Ohhh good luck girl! That is so exciting!!

  16. Congratulations! Furniture was THE first thing we bought for our new house. My advice: live in your place for a little while before you decide on new bedding, curtains and accessories. You’ll have a better idea how you use the room, what the light is like at different times of the day, etc. I agree with the posts on essentials like toilet paper :-) Make sure you have cleaning supplies ready to go (disinfectant wipes, paper towels and such)…whether it’s a completely new house or an older home, you’ll go through that stuff like water the first few weeks as you open cabinets and start putting things away. Have fun!!

  17. I closed on my first house in June and I spent most of my time painting it the colors I liked. Then, I bought furniture to fit it (because all my old stuff was worn and didn’t fit).
    Hang in there – an offer is just the first step.

  18. Good luck!

    I would want to buy all new living room furniture. My fiance is quite attached to his couches, but I think they’re just way too big and have told him he can have some sort of man cave where we’ll put those. I need some daintier furniture for my living room. :)

  19. we bought a fridge!
    and we waited on furniture till we could kinda get a feel for what did and din’t work…at this point we’re mostly done and have things that function well, but we did it slowly

  20. Fingers crossed.
    Get what you must have right away but I’d encourage you to live in it a little before finishing. Get a feel for the house and how you’ll use it.

  21. So exciting!! Congrats and I’m sending good vibes your way lady. :)

  22. My fingers are crossed for you!! The first thing I bought? PAINT. Lots and lots of paint :)

  23. My fingers and toes are crossed…..

    How about a hot tub?

  24. that is really exciting, i hope everything works out for you two!:) i’ve never decorated (we moved into a furnished apartment) but one of the first things i bought was a reed diffuser. i like everything to smell nice :)

  25. Crossing fingers!!!

    (Andy and I want to buy a house in the next year or so. Soo exciting. We live in a tiny apartment.)

  26. We didn’t do it this way but I would do it this way if/when we do the new house thing again – buy curtains first because the feeling of privacy is so nice, especially when you want to stay up late and work on painting/decorating!

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