A Distraction with Substance

I can’t take this waiting! I just want to know what’s going on with our offer – I guess this is the worst part, right? Waiting and not knowing anything?

Because I’ve been so anxious and impatient, my day has been filled with lots of unusual things since I’m trying to keep my mind off of everything with the house.

– I’ve been biting my nails today (an old bad habit that always creeps up when I’m really anxious about something)

– My lunch was, at its core, bread and cheese and then pure sugar for dessert. Nick and I went to Our Daily Bread with his dad and a friend. I had the Monsieur Hokie (a croque monsieur with turkey instead of ham and a ton of cheese) with a cup of lentil/bean soup. And dessert was a Heath Bar macaron.

– My stomach is just full of butterflies, which was probably one reason I shouldn’t have had the lunch I did. Oh well.


And because it’s dark and I can’t take any good pictures of dinner and I have nothing else to do until Throwdown with Bobby Flay + The Pioneer Woman comes on, I’m finally going to post this award I received! I’ve had this post in the works for a while, but keep forgetting about it.

A little over a month ago, I received a great compliment from Miss Rosey Rebecca in this award:


In her post about the award, she handed it out to ten bloggers that (in her words) make her “life. [her] LIFE. They inspire [her], and make [her] incredibly happy to read.”

Seriously – best compliment I’ve ever received here. Plus, the cartoon is fun because it looks a little like me when my hair is longer ; )

So, the rules!

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.

Rebecca, I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you so much for this award, and for your kind words. Your posts brighten my google reader and I’m happy to call you a friend.

2. Sum up your blog philosophy in five words.

Life. Cooking. Baking. Oatmeal. Love.

3. Pay it forward by nominating ten more awesome bloggers.

Now…here is where I’m going to break the rules ; )

I simply can’t choose – I just love too many blogs to pick just ten…SO…

I want to know:

If YOU summed up your blog (or just your life right now, if you don’t have a blog) in 5 words, what would they be?

This should be fun —> Go!


  1. CONGRATS on the house. I’m crossing my fingers!

  2. Aw! Glad it meant so much to you! <3

  3. Up and Down but Moving!

  4. good luck on the house Brandi! It’s so hard to wait, but so exciting!
    My Blog: Always Changing and All Me!

  5. Ooh what a fun idea!
    My blog in 5 words: Here’s To Trying New Things.

  6. Good luck with the house!! That’s so exciting!! :) Fingers crossed!

    My blog in five words:
    Living life and finding happiness.

  7. Busy and stressful but amazing. :)

    Still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  8. Hope you’ll get some good news soon regarding the house!!!

    Sum up my blog? Life, family, balance, recipes, movement

  9. Enjoying life with delicious food.

    Congrats on the house!

  10. “Healthy everyday food, and treats!”

  11. Happy, loved, excited, about life!

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