An Oikos Holiday

I don’t know about you, but I love Oikos Greek Yogurt.


It’s thick, it’s creamy, it’s tangy and delicious. It makes for great breakfasts and snacks and is awesome in baked goods.

So when I got an email asking if I wanted some coupons so I could try lightening up some of my favorite holiday dishes, I said yes right away!

Even better – they’re letting me give away an awesome Oikos Holiday Gift set to one of you!

Thanksgiving Giveaway 002

The holiday gift set will include:

  • Coupons for Oikos multipacks, 16 oz. containers, and quart containers of Stonyfield yogurt
  • A Stonyfield spatula to mix up all your fun dishes
  • 2 sets of recipes using Stonyfield yogurt!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite way to use yogurt OTHER than just eating with fruit – do you have any fun / different ways you use it?

I’ll be picking a winner Monday morning! Good luck!


And make sure to check out the Stonyfield and Oikos Facebook pages – they have some great information, lots of fun articles, and some great coupons!


  1. I like mixing greek yogurt into smoothies – makes them thick and creamy!

  2. I use greek yogurt instead of sour cream. I also love a great tzatziki sauce to put on just about anything!

  3. I like to use it as a dip!

  4. I love Oikos!! I think my favorite way to eat it is paired with hot oats. I love the contrast!

  5. I love to use it in my baked goods like banana bread. It keeps the bread moist and delicious.

  6. Cold oatmeal! I’m thinking about doing that for breakfast this morning :)

  7. I love Oikos greek yogurt! I use the yogurt to make different sauces creamier, like tezziki or in my mexican sauce for enchilladas or as a salad dressing of sorts. Delicious!

  8. I love putting yogurt in my smoothies – it makes them thick, creamy, and delicious!!

  9. I like to use Greek yogurt to make a cucumber dill sauce for either gyros or as a topping for marinated chicken or beef. Of course, it’s great with fruit and granola too. :)

  10. I love to mix it with hummus…it’s a great dip for veggies that is creamier than hummus alone and higher in protein (and it lets you stretch your pennies a little farther…) :)

  11. I use it in quiches as a substitute for the heavy cream! I’ve even used it in the crust instead of so much butter- just a bit of yogurt, olive oil, salt and flour and you’ve got a nice base for a savory tart :)

  12. I love putting a layer of yogurt UNDERNEATH my pumpkin oatmeal–such a creamy, cool contrast is delicious!

  13. I like plain yogurt mixed with salsa overtop my eggs
    ..booooy howdy

  14. A dollop on top of chili…the best!

  15. The two best ways to use greek yogurt:

    savory…I love to add scallions, dill and garlic to yogurt and top it on homemade burritos, rice and beans, etc. Twenty times better than sour-cream!

    and sweet…I have a certain breakfast I eat every morning…a TJ’s blueberry waffle with a layer of mashed banana, peanut butter, raspberry jam, and a dollop of greek yogurt with a sprinkling of cinnamon on top. It’s sooooo wonderful, and the contrast of the warm waffle and the cold yogurt is delicious.

  16. I use it for a dip, yum!

  17. I like to use the plain yogurt in chicken or tuna salad instead of mayo. I also put it on my baked potatos in place of sour cream!

  18. Yum! I like to use Plain Greek Yogurt in a healthy version of Seven-Layer Mexican dip. So good!

  19. I like to mix ranch seasoning with plain greek yogurt to make dressing for a salad or dip for veggies!

  20. I like to use it in place of mayonnaise in certain recipes. But, honestly – my favorite is just with a bit of honey.

  21. i always use it to make “frosting” for muffins, banana bread, cookies etc. i just mix plain greek yogurt with a teaspoon or two of agave, dash of lemon juice and sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon. yum!

  22. I always put yogurt in my oatmeal! It’s a great way to get extra protein and it makes the oats super creamy!

  23. I love putting a dollop on top of soup. Yum!

  24. I love making a yogurt bead! It’s always moist

  25. I like to use it as a substitute for mayonnaise. I really like chicken and tuna salads so it’s a great healthy alternative!

  26. I mix it with my cereal instead of milk. Almost every morning – I’m addicted!! :)

  27. I love this giveaway! Sometimes I put yogurt in my oatmeal but I’ve been wanting to try a past recipe of yours that I bookmarked — yogurt, chicken, and curry powder! I also want to try putting it into baked goods but I haven’t found time to bake :/

  28. Love Oikos!! I love using a big dollop of Greek yogurt on quasi-Mexican dishes like enchiladas or quesadillas. So much healthier than sour cream, and has a nice unique tang to it!

  29. I like making yogurt sauces (like raita) to go with the spicy Indian/Middle Eastern dishes I like to make.

  30. I love it on top of this black bean and butternut squash chili with swiss chard: It adds such a delicious richness to an already amazing dish!

  31. extra protein in smoothies – yum! or as a sub for sour cream with healthy quesadillas made with flaxseed tortillas and low-fat cheese…

  32. One of my favorite ways to eat yogurt is in overnight cold oats.
    I combine soymilk/or almondmilk, chia seeds, oatmeal and flavorings to the yogurt, and mix it up and wait for morning!

  33. I mix in some diced cucumber, cumin, paprika and garlic to make a raita. Perfect for spicy dishes and curries!

  34. I have a daily shake with it (and soy milk, frozen banana, almond butter and spinach). I make all my dips now with it. And I love the tangy taste of overnight oatmeal made with 1/2 yogurt and 1/2 soy milk

  35. I add yogurt to hot oatmeal to cool it.

  36. I will add it to this potato curry dish I make for dinner occasionally. It’s amazing!

  37. I use it sometimes with cereal instead of milk or instead of using sour cream.

  38. I like to use yogurt in place of cottage cheese in my favorite waffle recipe.

  39. I use it as a chili and taco topping… SO good.

    I also like making dips with it… YUM.

  40. The most common way I use it is to bulk up my oatmeal, but I also like using 2% as a sour cream substitute!

  41. In place of sour cream, I use it on baked potatos and as a topping for soups. Plain only of course :)

  42. I love using yogurt in baking- especially muffins or cake. It makes them SO moist!!

  43. i usually mix wheat bran crisps (toasted in oven) or something crispy. it forms such a good snack. sometimes I use it as salad “dressing” or more like “topper” by mixing it with pumpkin!

  44. I like to add yogurt to baked goods, it keeps them super moist!

  45. I use it to thicken up dips, instead of using sour cream or mayo. Healthy, but still so delicious. :)

  46. I love using plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream – it’s a much healthier substitute and one of my favorite things to put in a warm bowl of black bean soup!

  47. I like to use greek yogurt when making spinach and artichoke dip to replace the mayo, It is amazing!

  48. Honestly, my favorite way to use it is instead of sour cream! Most recently in my Mexican casserole.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! xo

  49. I like it as a substitute for sour cream, and I like to bake and cook with it. Stonyfield has a lot of good recipes on their website!

  50. I love using greek yogurt in place of sour cream when making a healthified alfredo sauce!

  51. I like using greek yogurt as salad dressing. I mix it with hummus, nutritional yeast, or mustard and hot sauce. It’s great :) Also use it in tuna instead of mayo.

  52. Tuna & chx salad instead of Mayo.. Ive made a great chard tzakiki dip which is great.. or just using greek yogurt as sour cream!!

  53. I think my favorite way to use yogurt is actually to put it in a pasta bake. It is used in place of the milk because I think the milk makes it too runny!! :)

  54. my go-to is in place of sour cream:)

  55. yummm Oikos! i love tzatziki so that would be one of my favorite yogurt recipes!

  56. I’m obsessed with greek yogurt! I eat it almost everyday in one way, shape or form.. One of my most favorite ways to use it is as a condiment (in place of sour cream) on top of spicy chili or any other mexican-inspired dishes!!

  57. I use it in overnight oats, as a binder for tuna or egg salad, and I like to drop a dollop in Amy’s black bean soup for a little creaminess.

  58. It’s great as a sour cream alternative, but I really love using it as a marinade for chicken. Yogurt + herbs/spices + chicken = amazingly tender yumminess!

  59. I like to substitute yogurt into brownie mixes for a low-fat alternative. It gives them a nice zing!

  60. I love mixing it with almond butter and spreading it on arnold thins and english muffins

  61. I like to blend ripe avocados with greek yogurt, lime juice, a tomatillo, and s&p to make a delicious dressing/sauce for fish tacos! I also substitute greek yogurt for sour cream in a cauliflower macaroni and cheese recipe I have – it bakes up creamy with a subtle tang :)

  62. Boy do I love Oikos!!

    I love plopping it on top of Belgian waffles =]

  63. Well normally I eat my yogurt with fruit! However I also substitute it in recipes and occasionally add it to my green monster.

  64. I like making cornbread with yogurt and mixing it into my morning oatmeal!

  65. I stir plain yogurt into my oatmeal and top sliced cucumbers with greek yogurt and coriander

  66. I use plain greek yogurt in a lot of recipes that call for sour cream!!!

  67. i actually love using it in baking – it gives great moisture to baked goods AND ups that protein content :)

  68. I love using it for smoothie and baking
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  69. I love to use it as a replacement for sour cream!

  70. I like to sub out yougurt for oil in my baked goods and use it as a base for salad dressing.

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  72. I love mixing in protein powder and having a thick, yummy snack or dessert!

  73. I have a great zucchini bread recipe that calls for yogurt.

  74. I make banana chocolate chip muffins, and I replace ~3/4 of the oil with yogurt. Healthier and tasty!

  75. i mix in peanut butter and use it as a dip for apples.

  76. I used some greek yogurt along with some greek spice mix to marinade chicken to whip up greek pitas!!

  77. Add me to the “sour cream replacement” group. :)

  78. I like a dollop on my oatmeal. Mmmm…

  79. yogurt instead of cream cheese on bagels!

  80. I combine yogurt with curry powder, ginger root, and garam masala to make a marinade for chicken.

  81. I love using GreekYogurt as a replacement for sour cream or cream cheese in recipes

  82. I love mixing in a tsp of cocoa powder & a few drops of vanilla stevia. It turns out better than Jello chocolate pudding!

  83. i like eating greek yogurt with baked potatoes! :)

  84. I like adding crunchiness to my Oikos. I add cereal and slivered almonds. Delish.

  85. I love putting it into smoothies!!! YUMYUMYUM

  86. I looove greek yogurt and eat it daily. I think my favorite way to eat it is in overnight oats. In the mix: oats, greek yogurt, kefir, chia seeds and sometimes some added fruit in the morning depending on what I have – so delicious:)

  87. I am absolutely obsessed with greek yoghurt.
    Here are my FAVOURITE ways to eat it (and it was hard to narrow down):

    1. Mixed with any nut butter, especially peanut butter, adds a nice whipped texture on top of a crunchy english muffin.
    2. Pureed pumpkin mixed with plain greek yogurt and pumpkin spice with raisins, toasted pecans and maple syrup.
    3. Added on top of any millions of combinations of oatmeal.

    Every breakfast I eat no matter what always has a +1. (Dollop of Greek Yogurt)

  88. How nice! I love to eat plain yogurt in some honey granola! It tastes great! My fiance and I are saving for our wedding, on a very tight budget so winning this would be great. It’s always nice to save money on grocery items!

  89. I love using greek yogurt in muffin recipes, indian sauces, and even as a replacement for sour cream!

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