Kitchen Blunders

Not every item that comes out of my kitchen looks like this.


Or this.


Or this.


The new cookie recipe I tried last week?

Fail. They were bitter, thanks to a heavy handed pour of baking something or other.

A new cake recipe I made Monday night?

It went into the trash just a few hours after I took it out of the oven.

While those don’t make the blog or my recipe box, I learn something new with every mistake.

And even when recipes do come out good, I still make a mess in the kitchen. If I’m baking, that means I spill flour and/or sugar on the counters and I normally fling stuff out of my mixing bowl with my hand mixer.

Otherwise, there might be chunks of veggies flying off the cutting board onto the counter or floor, or drops of food all over the stove top, or things bubble over.


So I want to hear it – what are your biggest kitchen blunders?

Added salt instead of sugar?

Set off the smoke alarm (I do that all the time)?



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  1. I have blunders every single week! My worst was probably red velvet cake. It just basically exploded in the oven.

  2. I always have kitchen blunders! Once I brought cookies to a friend’s birthday party – they were ROCKS! (oops!)
    Another time I decided that 3 cups of oatmeal would fit into a small pot – yeah oatmeal overflowing everywhere – not good. ;-)

  3. I had a layer cake spit in half when I started to apply the icing. This was the night before my old roomies bridal shower was to be hosted at my house! I had to whip up another cake and more icing right there!

  4. I make alot of mistakes too–but they never make the blog! I’ve spilled, splattered, and even started a stove-top fire..gulp!

  5. I tried using coconut flour to make french macarons. Fail. They were more like baked donut holes(actually not too bad. Might make a new recipe out of them)

  6. My worst blunders usually involved burning something and making the smoke alarm go off…

  7. Everytime I try to bake some kind of blunder occurs. It’s not my strong suit. And slow-cooking brown rice ruins me every time. I can’t seem to do it right, haha.

  8. I don’t know how many times I set the fire alarm before I may or may not have ripped it from the ceiling. Who puts a firealarm within 5 feet of the kitchen???

    And every time I bake, it looks like a natural disaster took to my cabinets. The space I have is limited, so it’s not easy to make it work without creating a mess…

  9. My favorite kitchen blunder dates back to 2005, when I was trying to make my new boyfriend at the time some lemon bars. Yep, definitely added salt instead of sugar. Thankfully, he kept dating me despite it.

  10. Ah I just confessed to this too! It’s still fun trying, although I have to say it’s MORE fun when you get it right :-)

  11. Do you read my blog? My life is kitchen blunders! haha Actually most of what we make doesn’t even end up on the blog it’s so bad! my biggest screw up lately was some AWFUL healthy breakfast cookies. They taste like cardbood and cement. And yes, I now know what both of those things taste like. They’re sitting on my kitchen counter because I feel bad wasting them, but they’re really not meant to be eaten unless you want a chipped tooth.

  12. I set off the smoke alarm all the time! It’s so sensitive and if you look at it wrong, it gets offended and starts wailing.

    A lot of my baking stuff ends up getting tossed. I’m still learning and working my way through vegan baking which means a lot of my stuff just doesn’t work out. I tried making pumpkin blondies and failed big time, ended up tossing the whole batch!

  13. I havent had horrible horrible kitchen blunders other than burning a few things..but lately I’ve had a few muffin recipes that end up overflowing and then sinking so all that comes out is a thing layer of crusty dough lining the cups…usually with a huge hole in the middle.

  14. Thankfully the more experienced I get in the kitchen the rarer my kitchen blunders get, but I still have them either because I make a mistake (usually as a result of not paying attention) or simply because when I invent a recipe it doesn’t turn out as well as expected. I had that problem with a muffin recipe the other week. They were just meh and so not ready for prime time, but I am looking forward to continuing to make and tweak them to get the recipe to a blog-worthy place.

  15. My worse kitchen blunders are usually burned pancakes… I need to pay more attention!

  16. Oh gosh, I am really clumsy in the kitchen!
    I think my biggest blunder was when I set the microwave on fire :D

  17. ALMOST all of my kitchen experiences are a FAIL–that’s why most of the time I stick to the basics. I wish I had skills!

  18. Our file alarm goes off at least twice a week, usually when I am using our cast iron grill pan to grill steaks indoors – when you see smoke, you know Biz is cooking!

    And not once, not twice, but at least a dozen times I’ve forgotten to put sugar in muffins that I’ve made – my family still never lets me live that one down!

  19. most recently, I completely forgot to add the sugar when making chocolate cupcakes.
    uhh, yeah…tasted the batter, ad spat it right out. it was too late to save, too – it was all spooned in to cupcake tins ad ready to go!

  20. I once was making a pound cake in someone else’s kitchen, and I used what I thought was flour from the unmarked canisters. Turned out, it was powdered sugar, and I didn’t taste the batter, so it turned into a hot butter, egg, and sugar soup. Disgusting!

  21. The first time I cooked for my boyfriend I made grilled chicken and garlic herb pasta. I ran out of regular milk so just used the soymilk I had in refrigerator for the creamy pasta. As we were eating the meal we both thought the pasta tasted strange. I then realized the milk I used was VANILLA soymilk. It made the pasta taste extremely odd! The worst part is that I did not tell him until he choked down the pasta. It all worked out because we are now married for the past 4 years.

  22. i left pumpkin seeds in the oven with the broiler on and forgot about them…next thing I knew I smelled the most hideous charred nastiness.
    I had to take a shower the smoke was all in my hair and everything. It was sick. The apartment reeked for days.

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