A Memorable Weekend

Monday, again?

How is it that weekends always fly by?

This weekend, I…

…saw most of my family and had a blast visiting with them.

…played with my nephew.

…ate way too much great food.

…left my camera and computer at home.

…watched football and played dominos.

…had a 4 am ER visit.

…looked at our one house option again after getting home.


Overall, it was a good weekend but I am sad to be sitting at my computer instead of at the table eating breakfast with my family.


What about you? How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen?


I’m looking forward to catching up on all the Foodbuzz Festival posts!

Off to work for me!


  1. That sounds fantastic – but ER visit?! I assume everything was okay?

    It sounds so nice to just unplug for a weekend. Beautiful.

  2. Glad that overall your weekend was good. But the 4 am ER visit sounds scary…

    We had a great time at the Foodbuzz Festival.

  3. Er?! Is everything okay? Glad your weekend was great otherwise!

  4. sounds like a wonderful weekend – except for the ER – hope all is well ! have a great week!

  5. Hooray for everything except for the ER – I hope you’re doing okay now and all is well!

  6. Um… ER visit?! Hope you’re ok!!

    I have to say, I was SO excited to try your smoothie at the tasting pavillion this weekend and it ROCKED!!!! I think it should’ve won :)

  7. a 4am ER visit?!? hope everything’s ok!

    i got nostalgic looking at everyone’s foodbuzz photos…

  8. OH NO Brandi! Your weekend sounds quite lovely aside from that 4am ER visit! I really hope you are okay!!!!! (and I must say – very sad I didn’t get to see you this weekend/go to San Fran this weekend) – I looked back through last years posts and it was so fun hanging with you!)

  9. Eek, I hope everything is ok with that ER visit!

  10. I hope everything is okay. ER visits are never good. I had a great weekend. I got a lot done and the Browns beat the Patriots. I will always think of you as my blogger football fan friend!

  11. A 4 AM ER visit?! Hope everything’s ok!

  12. The ER visit at 4 a.m. is never a good time!

    BTW – you won BSI this week! Shoot me an email at bdl319@gmail.com with your address for a goodie box from me. :D

  13. Oh my, ER visit? What happened? I hope everything is okay!!!

  14. Okay no good that you had a 4am ER visit! I must know details! I hope all is well!

  15. Well, as everyone else has already said–ER visit?! Hope all’s well. The rest of your weekend sounds fantasic though!

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