A Holiday Giveaway

If you’re like me, you’re very happy that the holiday season is here!

November 1st triggers the “holiday season” for me – Thanksgiving is officially less than a month away, family trips are just around the corner, pumpkin is everywhere, and I’m ready to celebrate and spend time with the ones I love.

To kick start YOUR holiday season, I’m working with CSN for a fun giveaway!


Ever shopped at CSN? They have everything from milk frothers to bedding to kitchen bar stools and more!


I’ve had the chance to do reviews and giveaways with them in the past, and I’ve been so impressed by their selection and great customer service.

So – as a holiday kickstart, CSN would like to give a $100 gift card to one lucky winner!

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me YOUR favorite thing about the holiday season! Food? Family? Holiday music? Decorations? Whatever it is, I want to know!

For additional entries:

  • Tweet about the giveaway: “@branappetit is giving away @CSNstores gift card to start the holiday season” – and leave me another comment letting me know
  • Post a comment on your blog (if you have one) and let me know in the comment section
  • If you DON’T have a blog and want another entry, tell me your all time favorite holiday dish that is ALWAYS on your table.

Good luck!

I’ll be choosing a winner on Thursday, November 11th!

Nick and I are heading out of town this weekend to spend some time with family – it will be full of fresh bread, pumpkin stuffed french toast, baby holding, and laughter. I cannot wait.

Enjoy your weekend and see you when we get back! Smile


  1. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending quality, uninterrupted time with family. It’s nice to get caught up / chit chat.

  2. My favorite thing is decorating our Christmas tree.

  3. My favorite thing about the holidays is cooking and baking, spending time with family, and giving little gifts and gestures that really make people smile :)

    Have a great weekend with family, Brandi!

  4. My favorite holiday dish would be a toss up between grandma’s potatoes or decorated sugar cookies. Both are essential during the holidays!

  5. My favorite thing about the holidays is the seasonal feeling that is everywhere…from music in stores, to the shows on television, to the food that is cooked…all of it makes me smile!

  6. Great giveaway! My favorite is definitely a tie between getting together with the whole fam and planning/making/eating the food :-)

  7. My favorite things about the holidays are the food, baking, the music, the lights and spending time with the people I love. :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. My favorite thing about the holidays is the food and family time. I even like Thanksgiving more than Christmas usually. Because there’s less frantic behavior leading up to it! :)

  9. I love being with my family and celebrating Jesus’ birth with them!

  10. I’m already listening to holiday music and am gathering my Christmas decorations. Too soon?!

  11. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing family that I rarely get to see!

    Hope you also have a wonderful weekend with family!

  12. My favorite thing about the holidays is baking cookies with my mom and chocolate covered pretzels and buckeyes with my sister. It’s my favorite tradition!

  13. Oh, and I tweeted about the giveaway!

    Have a great weekend with your family!

  14. I love EVERYTHING about the holidays, the decorations, the food, the family and friends getting together!

  15. And for a second entry, my all time favorite dish would be sweet potato casserole.

  16. Traditions are my favorite part of the holiday season. Decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas morning brunch….love love love.

  17. Favorite thing about the holidays is when I first walk through my parents’ door for Christmas–love the feeling of truly being home for such a special time of the year.

  18. Additional entry: we ALWAYS make Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies at the holidays.

  19. I love the xmas lights and holiday baking!

  20. I think being with family is my favorite part–but I also love the food and decorations and music!

  21. I love EVERYTHING about the holidays — the music, the decorations, the baking, the family time!

  22. My favorite thing about the holidays is the music and my mom’s nanaimo square!

  23. Food and family. No contest. Family first, though [food just sounds better said, first. ;)]…Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday because it combines the two. I love the low-pressure atmosphere…no presents, no stress, just celebrating the year, being grateful, and spending time together. This year I will be far far away from my family on Thanksgiving, and will be thankful for spending time with FRIENDS who will sub-in for my family!

  24. My favorite thing is definitely the family and feeding the people I love

  25. The holiday season. How can I name just one thing that makes it my favorite? It could be romping around the Christmas tree farm, tying bows on our favorite family’s “top tree choices” and going back and forth between all of them until we decide on the “perfect” one. It may be the smell of my mother’s Finnish coffee bread that fills the house. Or it could be the joy of finding that perfect gift and seeing the recipient’s eyes light up when they tear off the wrapping paper. Or it could be the ornament that my parents leave off the tree until I can make it home for Christmas so I can hang it myself (my favorite swinging bear ornament since I was 3.) But nothing can compete with being able to spend quality time at home with my family and friends.

  26. Baking cookies!!! :)

  27. I love just having a few days to chill with my family, both immediate and extended. Time to catch up and just enjoy each other.

  28. I love giving gifts! The whole process of searching and finding just the right thing, and seeing my families faces when they open them. :)

  29. The Holidays are definitely about the family time! Especially this year since I missed the summer with them and might miss thanksgiving…I am counting down the days!

  30. Thanks for the giveaway . . . COOKIES!!! is my favorite thing about the holidays.

  31. My favorite thing about the holidays is that it means all the family comes together! It only happens once or twice a year that my sister, brother and me are home. That’s what happens when one lives in Chicago, one in Sacramento and one in New York!

  32. So many things I love about the holiday season! It’s so hard to pick one. But if I had to I would say the decorations, the food, and spending time with my family.

  33. I love CSN! :)

    My favorite thing about the holiday season is spending time with the family but also shopping and giving gifts to people!

  34. We don’t have a specific dish that occurs at dinner but we always get take out :) I guess you could say sesame chicken makes an appearance more than once on special occasions ;)

  35. My favorite thing about the holidays is, of course, the food and also getting to see all of my family and friends.

  36. i love putting up the christmas tree

  37. My favorite time about the holidays is family. I love to see them all gathered at my grandparents. It is usually so loud with all the laughter and lots and lots of love.

  38. My favorite thing is that fuzzy feeling I get when all of the components of the holidays comes together. The music, the lights, the laughter. Really just having family, food, and a time to be together is the best part!

  39. For Christmas we have ribs every year. While this sounds unusually to many, it’s a tradition to me – and a tasty one at that! (We have ribs to replace the pickled pigs feet tradition my mom’s family has.)

  40. My favorite thing about thie holidays is my families tradition of wearing our PJ’s all day on Christmas and watching movies together. Its so relaxing to just hang out and be together.

  41. Cut out cookies are a staple in our house. When i was little my mom would roll out the dough and cut out the cookies and my brother and I would get to decorate them however we wanted.

  42. My favorite thing about the holidays is being around family and enjoying great food!! There’s something so cozy and wonderful about this time of year :)

  43. My favorite thing about the holidays is all the decorations you see everywhere. I love seeing all the lights people have outside!

  44. Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite thing about the holidays is going to the leftovers party at my boyfriend’s house. Everyone brings leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, and we have an awesome time!

  45. my favorite thing(s) about the holidays are 1) a chance to see family 2) the fact that everyone is friendlier and more generous..generally just in better moods :)

  46. It’s all about family for this girl. I can’t wait for this holiday season especially, as my nieces are getting bigger – it makes Christmas so much fun!

  47. I really like going home for the holidays to see family, as it’s full of laughter and fun, but a lot has to do with the food! My Mom’s stuffing is THE BEST and when I go home I eat as much of it as possible. Yes, I stuff myself with stuffing :) I only get it once or twice a year, so I need to get it while I can!


  48. My favorite thing about the holidays is being with my family. I live on the West Coast and they live on the East Coast, so it’s rare that we all can get together. Makes me appreciate them even more!

  49. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely all the decorating! I’m making some of my ornaments this year and like last year, I’ll have TWO trees. One upstairs and one downstairs.

  50. GREAT giveaway! I love catching up with family I don’t get to see as often!

  51. I love the smells of the holidays – pumpkin pie, pine, baking!

  52. I don’t have a blog, but my favorite holiday dish that I MUST have is pumpkin pie. I’m not as crazy about pumpkin as most food bloggers… but I must have my pie at Christmas and Thanksgiving!

  53. I love family time the best. And also the way people are a little more friendly around the holidays.

  54. i love how i get to spend time with my family.

  55. My favorite dish has to be roasted sweet potatoes! YUM!

  56. My favorite thing about the holidays in family time. I hardly ever get to see them during the year so seeing them is more and more special each time around :)

  57. my favorite thing about the holidays is coming home to see my family! also being in between semesters at school…

  58. My FAVORITE holiday food is sweet potato pie! but really, anything that my mom makes is delicious

  59. My favorite thing about the holidays is winter break!! On top of not having to go to class I get to see my family for the first time in months! love love love the holidays.

  60. I love holiday decorations! So many beautiful colors and smells. My fav holiday dish is my moms fruit cake. Its all dried fruit, no candied fruit here! Plus lots of whiskey and sweet sherry.

  61. Awesome giveaway!!!!
    My favorite thing about the holidays? Being with family, the music and the decorations :)


  62. My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely being back home and enjoying it with family. It’s so good to just go back and be surrounded in familiarity!

  63. A favorite holiday dish would have to be this sweet, sticky rice dessert with dried fruit that my dad makes. it’s absolutely delicious!

  64. Snow & family get-togethers!

  65. Food and family and Christmas music!

  66. the MUSIC for sure!! I’m listening to Christmas on Pandora right now:)

  67. cookie making :) and family time!!

  68. My favorite is the anticipation of my nieces and nephews to see what they are getting for gifts! Love it!!

  69. l live away from my family, so my favorite holiday tradition is spending time in the homes of my family members. We bake, listen to holiday music, hang out near the fire, and enjoy being together, if only for a few days.

  70. I love casseroles and do not seem to cook them for most of the year, so I love to have my fill during this time of year. Squash casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie…. They’re all wonderful!

  71. One favorite thing about the holidays? The atmosphere. That way it can include the food and baking and decorations and family and lights and crisp cool air.

  72. My favorite thing about the holiday season is decorating the Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols, and being around friends and family. I can’t wait to start my own traditions with my own family!

  73. My favorite thing about the holidays is watching all of the shows/movies that remind me of being a kid (the grinch, charlie brown, a christmas story, etc.)!

  74. Must have dish…my grandfather’s “italian stuffing” and roasted chestnuts.

  75. my favorite holiday thing… spending time with my family… AND eating awesome fabulous food !


  76. My favorite thing is watching the excitement in my children’s eyes when they open their “special” gift; you know, the gift they never thought they were going to receive.

  77. My favorite thing is the surprised look in my children’s eyes when they open their “special” gift; you know, the gift they thought they would never receive.

  78. I love being with family and friends. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to see them this year so it’s going to be a rough season for me :(

  79. My favorite things about the holidays are family gatherings, opening presents, and Christmas music!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  80. My favorite holiday dish is sweet potato pie! The holidays just aren’t complete without it.

  81. Wow that’s very generous of them!
    My favorite thing is the days before Christmas. They’re filled with family, warmth, and anticipation of Christmas Day!!

  82. The family being together again makes me so happy,the decorations give me a thrill,the food makes me fat but happy,and the music takes me back to when my grandparents were alive.I love everything about this time of year!

  83. http://twitter.com/meeyeehere/status/924997400924160
    tweeted too
    I clicked the link you put in the twitter post you made for us to copy and it led me to an email address.I don’t know why it did that.Maybe that is just happening to me??When I clicked @branappetit

  84. I love the family aspect of holidays. We always have a big gathering.

  85. The favorite food always on my table? Homemade cranberry relish. Yum!

  86. I love the food and smells of the holidays.

  87. I always serve a Thanksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham.

  88. My favorite thing about the holiday season is the feeling I get when I see my kids open Christmas presents or when I tell them Christmas stories.


  89. my favorite holiday dish is Cranberry sauce.The way my mom makes it is best


  90. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing it through the toddler’s eyes. He finally “gets” that it’s a special time, and it’s such a gift to experience all the wonder excitement with him. Can’t wait to read holiday stories to him and listening to some of our favorite music together…

  91. My favorite thing is the smell of being outdoors. I love how you walk outside into the crisp air and you can smell sweet cedar burning in the neighbors fireplace.

  92. I love baking a ridiculous amount of cookies, the smell of pine, and the obnoxiously catchy christmas songs!

  93. I love the smell of the Christmas tree.

    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  94. Sweet potatoes is always on the table.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  95. I tweeted via @spabettie


  96. Perhaps the cozy feeling of being all together as a family, enjoying the season… Although the Christmas tunes in the background and yummy food doesn’t hurt!

  97. This year I’m especially excited to introduce our baby boy to the Christmas season! :)

  98. My favorite thing would definitely be smelling for reindeer. Since I was a kid, my grandfather has taken my sister and I outside on Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, to look up at the sky and close our eyes and sniff for reindeer. He says that they smell something like horses and something like Christmas and that you can only smell them when you close your eyes–and every year it’s been true. I’m twenty-six, and my sister is twenty-three, and it’s still the last thing we do on Christmas Eve!

  99. My favorite thing about the holidays is having an excuse to bake ridiculous amounts of baked goods (to share with friends and family of course)!

  100. My favorite thing about the holidays is baking fun cookies and sitting in front of a fire at night drinking warm drinks.

  101. Whoo, count me in for the contest! My favorite bit is holiday shopping. I absolutely love carving out a weekend or two to drive into Tampa or Orlando and hit up all the malls and pick out goodies for all my friends and family. The hard part though is waiting until Christmas to give it to them – I’m terrible with waiting for surprises!

  102. I love spending time with my family and the Christmas spirit the best!!

  103. Watching my neice and nephew open their presents on Christmas morning is by far the best part of the whole season! Unfortunately I have to work on Christmas this year and will miss it :( We’ll have to make new memories on Christmas Eve instead! Also, enjoying the snow by learning how to ski ( I just started last year but I’m sure I’ll be learning for another ten!)

  104. My favorite thing about the holiday season? Gosh, I love everything! I guess I’d say all the wonderful smells. Cinnamon, gingerbread, pumpkin, mmmm… :)

  105. My favorite dish that’s always on my table is stuffing! :)

  106. My favorite thing about the season is seeing all of the decorations. I love walking through the neighborhoods in the evenings to check out the lights.

  107. I tweeted! (@carrotrunr)

  108. I don’t have a blog…but my all-time favorite holiday dish is my family’s fruit “salad” recipe (fruit cocktail, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, marshmallows). Although it does not include the typical flavors of the season, I associate it with the holidays since that is when everyone gets together and the salad is made. Not very healthy, but certainly delicious!

  109. I love all the time with family… And food of course :)

  110. My favorite thing about the holiday season is family. My husband and I moved away from our families last year (across the United States!), so my time with family is so cherished when we go home for Christmas!

  111. My favorite thing about the holiday season is seeing my childrens reactions when they open their gifts on Christmas morning.

  112. I tweeted this giveaway:
    “@branappetit is giving away @CSNstores gift card to start the holiday season

  113. Oops, I was supposed to leave the link in my post above, here it is:

    So, I’ll do 2 entries for this one to make up for the link.

    My favorite holiday dish that is ALWAYS on my table is bread stuffing. I stuff the turkey with homemade bread suffing, that is my favorite thing to eat.

  114. I may have a slight obcession (is that spelled right? it doesn’t look right!) with snowmen – can’t wait to start pulling them out again this year!

  115. My favorite thing about the holiday season is that I get to spend it with my family and friends! Plus it is a great excuse to bake and try new dishes!

  116. Just finished tweeting about it. @MeaganTIL

  117. My favorite thing about the holidays is going to Disneyland and seeing all of the decorations. I love them!

  118. tweeted! @twobooswhoeat

  119. My favorite thing is the holiday spirit! Being off of work, cooking and baking, having a fire in the fire place and decorations. I love it all!

  120. Tweeted the giveaway!

    eatwriterunRach Rachel
    @branappetit is giving away @CSNstores gift card to start the holiday season!

  121. I love everything about the holidays – great food, spending time with family, wrapping gifts, etc.

  122. Family. My world traveling boys come home to me.

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  124. Growing up, my family waited until Christmas eve after everything closed to scavenge town for the ugliest FREE ChristmAs tree we could find..then we meandered home to decorate and bake. And because we waited so long to put up the tree – we always waited until Jan 6 to take it down:).

  125. Posted at voss411.com

  126. Maple twist cinnamon rolls.
    A sweet amply work of art and a party for my tastebuds!

  127. My favorite thing about the holidays are these silly paper crowns my whole family wears at Christmas Eve dinner… it’s silly and small, but they come in these little “crackers” that we all have at our table setting, and for some reason a few years ago all us cousins decided to wear them throughout dinner then everyone else joined and it’s become this ritual now!

    It’s so funny to look back on pictures!

  128. My kids unbridled excitement about everything!

  129. We always have Maple Twist Rolls (they’re impressive to look at as well as delicious) and we always have French toast casserole with blueberry sauce and sausage for Christmas breakfast.

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