Muscovado Sugar Cake



I have this friend. She’s a foodie friend.

Do you have those?

We’re eerily alike in some ways, and I love it.

Her and her husband were the ones that gave Nick and me some local steak as a thank you gift a few months ago. So, yeah. They get us, and we get them.

One thing you can always catch us chatting about is food – gardening, canning, cake, cookies, icing, whatever.


And lucky for me, she recently gifted me two new items:

A jar of her homemade Pear Cardamom Butter and a bag of Muscovado Sugar.

Have you ever used Muscovado Sugar? If not, you should put it on your wish list.

It’s intense. Imagine dark brown sugar times 10. It has a very high molasses content, making it a deep, rich sugar that perfumes your kitchen with warmth as soon as you open the bag.


And while I can’t take credit for this cake recipe, it’s amazing.


Muscovado Sugar Cake

I’m happy this isn’t a layer cake. Layer cakes are not easy for me yet – I still need some practice…and an actual cake stand instead of the upside down bowl and lid I use.


But this spice cake may be my new favorite fall dessert.

It’s spicy and sweet and fun to make. I’ve never seen a cake recipe that calls for you to cut the butter into the flour as if you were making biscuits. And I love the addition of fruit butter. I used pear, but it would be just as delicious with apple or pumpkin.


The cake recipe didn’t call for a frosting, but I didn’t have any heavy cream to whip up so I just mixed up a quick icing with cream cheese, a little bit of butter, milk, powdered sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon.

After trying it with the cream cheese icing, I’d definitely recommend it! I bet it would be good with just a dollop of sweetened whipped cream, but I loved the mix of spicy cake with tangy cream cheese and sweet dulce de leche drizzle.


  1. It’s official. I want cake for breakfast now.
    And your photos and presentation are beautiful!

  2. Love the caramel drizzle on top – looks beautiful (and sounds delicious)!

  3. I’ve never even heard of muscovado sugar to be honest! There is so many foods I have yet to experience! And this cake looks like it should be in a bakery–great job! :-)

  4. Yum! Never had muscavado but it sounds delicious. And what cake isn’t good with cream cheese and caramel? :-)

  5. You make the most gorgeous creations! :) That belongs in a magazine :)

  6. This looks absolutely beautiful.

  7. the picture of that cake belongs in a magazine!!!

  8. The sugar sounds delicious! And the cake is absolutely beautiful! Great job! I so want a piece! :)

  9. Sounds like it’s delicious! Really looks perfect-like it should be in a magazine! YUM….I want cake!!!

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  11. this looks fabulous – and if that is the bottom of a bowl it’s VERY pretty!! :)

    I love my foodie friends …

    • ha…that’s actually just a plate. maybe I should show off my ghetto “cake stand” bowl + lid. It’s NOT pretty, but I guess it does the job.

  12. Never heard of the sugar…but your cake looks beautiful!!

  13. i’ve seen it, but never ponied up for it. this cake sounds delicious!! and i kinda like your upside down bowl trick, might need to try it :)

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