Sokenbicha, A New Tea for Me (Giveaway!)

A few weeks ago, I got an offer to sample Sokenbicha Tea, Japan’s leading tea brand, before it made its U.S. debut at Whole Foods nationwide this October.

*I received these samples for free, but my opinions are my own.


Sokenbicha’s authentically brewed teas are unsweetened, contain zero calories and are made with tea blends and natural botanicals from around the globe. Sokenbicha is inspired by the teachings of Kampo, a traditional Japanese herbal approach to health and wellness dating back more than 1500 years.

The five varieties of Sokenbicha are:

  • Revive, a crisp oolong tea blend infused with pomegranate and raspberry notes, black tea and rose hips
  • Defend, a mild oolong tea blend with guava leaves and ginseng
  • Purify, an aromatic green tea blend with chamomile and aloe
  • Shape, a bold barley tea blend with peach flower notes, pu’er and green teas
  • Skin, a full-bodied barley tea blend with cinnamon and ginger

They recommend sampling the drinks in the above order, and I definitely agree! Sweet tea lovers will be drawn to Revive, traditional Chinese oolong tea fans will like Defend, green tea drinkers will enjoy Purify and adventure seekers will likely appreciate the bold Japanese-style barley teas Shape and Skin.

Nick and I had fun trying each flavor – they were so different from each other, and I love the variety and different blends.


Green tea is one of my favorites, especially iced, and I have to say that the Purify was my favorite. It was so fruity and sweet, I would have sworn it had added sugar or fruit juice, but it was just the blend of teas. Delicious!

Along with my tea samples, I also received a Sokenbicha reusable bag and journal.


And what makes these teas even better?

The beverages will be introduced in 15.2 fluid ounce bottles made from PlantBottleTM packaging – a PET plastic that features up to 30 percent plant based material. 100 percent recyclable, the bottles are made through a process that turns sugar cane and molasses into PET plastic. Sokenbicha™ has zero grams of sugar and zero calories and includes no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Cool, huh?

Want to win some Sokenbicha of your very own?

Three lucky winners will score their own Sokenbicha Tea samples along with eco-friendly shopping bag! Thumbs up

  • Leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite type of tea – hot chai, iced black, green tea?

For additional entries:

  • Tweet: @BranAppetit is giving away @SokenbichaTea! and leave another comment letting me know you did
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I’ll be picking a winner Monday at lunch! Good luck Smile


  1. My favorite tea is a black / green tea blend that I pick up from the Carriage House in Maine with a splash of milk.

  2. I loove most teas. Minty ones are my current favorite, but I also love traditional green, chai, and red teas.

  3. I love the Passionfruit Tea from Starbucks. It’s so refreshing not to mention it’s pink! :)

  4. I love a rose petal tea with citrus

  5. My favorite tea, is Touch Organic Sweet Green Tea!

  6. The teas sound good! I love green teas.

  7. i’m usually a fan of green tea, but i’m so intrigued by the barley tea!!

  8. I have a Pomegranate and Herbal Green Tea from Market District that I love!

  9. These look awesome and I wish I had a Whole Foods nearby to go try them out!

    I am a huge fan of chai or spiced teas and vanilla rooibos is my favorite this time of year – it’s so warming and naturally sweet.

  10. My favorite kind of tea is eggnog’n!

  11. …and I tweeted!

  12. I love hot black tea with a little milk and sweetner!! I especially like to have tea and cookies!! :)

  13. Right now I’m in love with the Pumpkin Spice tea I have. It’s perfect for this time of year!

  14. I just tweeted too! @angereese :)

  15. I’m a traditionalist. I like strong black tea… brewed in a tea pot, not in your cup!

  16. I love green tea and Jasmine tea, but chrysanthemum tea is great too!

  17. Chai is my favorite as a hot tea, but I love me some iced green tea as well! Never had a barley-based tea…

  18. Hey there! I’ve been spying on your blog for a while now…Ha.
    My favorite tea is cardamon cinnamon over ice. It has black pepper in it, which gives it an interesting bite! :)

  19. I adore green tea and drink about 4-5 cups a day!

  20. My favorite type of tea is a Lime tea. Its amazing hot or cold.

  21. I love love love chai tea, especially made with milk. It’s sweet and creamy! Yum!

  22. my favorite everyday tea is plain, hot green tea (I drink three cups a day!)….for a treat every once in a while, I do enjoy a hot chai. come Christmas time, I enjoy some of the holiday flavors – Candy Cane Lane is probably my favorite, but I also like Sugar Cookie (both from Celestial Seasonings).

  23. I love hot chai tea with cookies in the winter.

  24. I love Sleepy Time tea. It’s so relaxing!

  25. I love almost every type of green tea.. especially those with a hint of fruit, mint, or spice. Depends on the season and what mood I’m in!

  26. I love iced green tea!

  27. I’d say my favorite kind of teas are anything with dried fruits added in. I generally love the fruity, floral types.

  28. My favorite kind of tea is vanilla rooibos! So sweet and delicious!

  29. I love all teas! My top three would be green, peppermint, and black tea with peach. I’m a purist with tea – no sugar or cream needed.

  30. Chai tea with vanilla soy milk and a little stevia… almost like dessert!

  31. My favorite beverage right now is hot black tea with almond powder and milk, weird but delicious!

  32. i have this apple cider tea that rocks my world!!!

  33. I like hot chai tea. But I am a true Southerner–I LOVE me some iced sweet tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. yum… I cannot wait to find this in stores!!

    my favorite tea is GREEN… :D

  35. oolong and bancha green tea

    mm but also EARL GREY and Orange Pekoe <3 <3

  36. I love iced green tea.

  37. My favorite tea is sugar-free iced chai with a little bit of sugar-free vanilla flavoring. :) But I also love Earl Grey with a little milk and honey.

  38. Favorite: strong black tea with milk and sugar, the English way!

  39. My current favorite tea is Tazo Refresh! Perfect for the afternoon in a chilly office.

  40. I know I should drink green tea every day… and I do, when I remember (which is not often enough!). I’m more of a hot chai girl. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I am digging iced black tea with vanilla!

  42. Oh, I’m in love with pomegranate white tea from Trader Joe’s – so refreshing!

  43. I just tweeted about it: @icecream_wine

  44. Since it’s around the holidays, I absolutely love peppermint tea, or mint tea. Drinking peppermint tea reminds me of eating a candy cane!

  45. Yum – great giveaway! I love Rooibos tea – sweet and spicy! :-)

  46. I love tea! My favorite would have to be either green or raspberry black! Great giveaway! :-D

  47. My favorite tea is hot, black tea. Preferably Assam Black from Argo Tea (Chicago area). Unfortunately for me, they stopped making this kind!

  48. My favorite tea would definitely be iced chai! An iced chai latte is so delicious! If I’m going sans milk, I would say green tea for sure!

  49. Cleaning out my desk at work (last day is tomorrow!), I have discovered what a tea hoarder I am! I love lemon ginger green tea the most, though! I always enjoy my afternoon cup of tea at work; it provides a comforting break!

  50. I absolutely love tea!, and all types, however lately I cannot get enough rooibos.

  51. Fun giveaway! I’m a black tea kind of girl — my favorite is Earl Gray.

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  53. I love mandarin orange black tea :-)

  54. I loooove any kind of hot tea! Vanilla roobios, mint, and chai are among my favs. I’ve always been a chai girl.

  55. My fave hot tea is Earl Grey with milk. My fave cold tea is a Green Tea Frappucino! BTW, I tweeted @meli_rose

  56. Glad you and Nick had fun sampling these teas! I’ve seen them floating around the blog world lately. My favorite kind of tea are all the holiday flavors, but peppermint is number one!

  57. My favorite is orange spiced black tea. It’s so comforting yet the scent of orange perks me up on a sleepy morning.

    I’m impressed that it doesn’t have preservatives, unnatural ingredients yet is calorie and sugar free!!!

  58. I love all things tea, but one of my favorites is loose Earl Grey.

  59. The Yogi green teas are the best.

  60. during the hotter months I really like fruity flavored iced green tea. Now that it is cooling off I love a nicely flavored hot tea.

  61. These look awesome and TOTALLY right up my alley! The main reason I look forward to cold weather is so I can sit on the couch and drink hot tea :) I’m a big fan of Harney and Son’s cinnamon spice, but these look so awesome. I love the bottles!

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