My New Favorite Bowl

I’ve got a new favorite dish in the house!


Roasted acorn squash is the perfect vessel for chili.


Which, thanks to a recipe challenge I’m participating in, is my best chili to date.

The recipe will be posted this week, so keep an eye out for it. I’ll never go back to my old recipes – seriously delicious.


And even more so served in a squash bowl and topped with some avocado.


Back to work + cooking! I’ve got a wheatberry salad in the works, a butternut recipe just out of the oven, and a plan for cookies that I hope will work out if I have the time.


Do you ever use edible bowls? What are your favorite combinations?


  1. Ooo I have an acorn squash on my counter waiting to be used — maybe I’ll make it a bowl!

    I’ve done zucchini boats before!

  2. Before I went gluten-free, I loved eating chili and other soups out of bread bowls. San Francisco is famous for its sourdough bread bowls…and I am a true San Franciscan at heart! I haven’t had one of those bread bowls in about ten years, but I loved them when I was growing up. That roasted acorn squash looks amazing!

  3. I love chili, but it’s not cold enough here to crave it! Not that I’m complaining it’s too warm…

  4. I love eating out of an acorn squash too! It makes eating even more FUN! :)

  5. Genius! I used acorn squash as a bowl last week for an applesauce/broccoli mixture.

  6. Look forward to the chili recipe. Clever use of the squash for your bowl!

  7. I ate pumpkin quinoa and leftover chicken out of a large bell pepper for lunch. I’m not sure if I was happier about the food or no dishes!

  8. this is a fantastic idea!!!

  9. I love using acorn squashes as bowls, but I’ve never put chili in them–great idea!

  10. The squash bowl is so pretty. This looks delicious! I need to make chili before Fall ends. Can’t wait for the recipe!

  11. That’s my favorite bowl, too! And one I definitely need to utilize more often. This looks delicious :)

  12. I love edible bowls! My fave combo is actually sourdough bread bowls and corn chowder. YUM!

  13. i can’t wait for that chili recipe :)

  14. I love using squash as bowls!! Actually, I’m going to do that tonight- thanks! :)

  15. Anything eaten out of a bowl is always fantastic. Anything eaten out of a vegetable is out of this world!!!

  16. edible bowl ARE the best!

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