Flashback Breakfast


Today’s breakfast is making me think of Honduras.

The “usual breakfast” we have when we’re over there is:

  • the BEST refried beans I’ve ever had
  • bacon or sausage
  • eggs
  • fried plantains
  • fresh pineapple, papaya, watermelon
  • some of the BEST coffee

My plate doesn’t have fried plantains or fresh pineapple, but it sure did taste like one of my Honduras breakfasts!

IMG_0304 There was a little serving of beans left from our tacos the other night, so I heated those up to have along with my oatbran + eggs + salsa and bacon.

No pineapple, but this orange was so good! I miss fresh peaches and berries already, but I am happy that it’s citrus season.


This was so juicy – I bit into one piece this morning and juice squirted right up my nose.


And no Honduran breakfast is complete without some extra fuerte Cafe del Indio coffee.



Hooray for Friday!!!

We’ve got a fun evening ahead :)


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  1. I agree with Jessica, that mug is awesome! haha It’d make me laugh everytime I’d go for a drink. :P

    Memorable breakfasts are fun. Breakfast like that always remind me of camp. :)

  2. hee !! that mug is So Fun !! :D

    this breakfast looks delicious… I am enjoying my eggs over last night’s spanish rice right now… :D

  3. Taco left overs is awesome for breakfast. I like to put taco meat or refried beans in my omelets.

  4. That mug is funny looking! Haha! That breakfast looks yummy.

    Have fun tonight! :)

  5. LOVE the coffee mug…a little creepy…but still cool! Happy Friday! :-D

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