I Need a Boost

Where is that Energizer Bunny when you need him?

Yesterday afternoon, Nick and I went back to see two houses again that we’d already visited. On this trip, though, we also had two new sets of eyes with us: Nick’s Dad and his Uncle Tom who is visiting from Oregon. They know their stuff when it comes to homes, possible issues, and all around they’ve-been-living-longer-than-us wisdom.

With notepads and pens in hand, we went through each house again – every room, every closet, every basement and bathroom, marking our pros and cons.

At dinner last night, we went over everything: pros, cons, price, possible work that needs to be done, etc.

And…we still have no decision.

Which – isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’re in no rush to get out of our current place. No lease running out or reasons that we NEED to move. We’re just ready for a bigger house. So…in the grand scheme of things, it’s okay that we’re not 100% on any house yet.

It’s just exhausting, physically. Emotionally draining. Mentally depleting.

Fun…but tiring.

So the bottom line? We’re still looking right now. Figuring out budget stuff to see what we CAN afford and what we’re not willing to pay. Things that we HAVE to have and things we could compromise on. Work we’re willing to do…and the work we’re not willing or simply can’t afford to do ourselves.

I need a nap.


Good thing we’ve had good food to fuel us through everything. Yesterday’s lunch was actually a BIG green smoothie on the road while we were looking. Those are such a great way to pack in a ton of fruits and veggies when you don’t have time to sit down and eat.

Today’s breakfast? Another oatmeal pancake with some local honeycrisp apple on the side! Plus a couple cups of coffee to keep my eyes open.


Lunch today is the rest of my roasted squash/broccoli/tomato/bean mixture along with some hard boiled eggs.

I’ve got a snack for later (really hoping for a run after work – house hunting is taking all my extra time!). The weather is just too beautiful to NOT be outside today.


Ever been through this process?

Tips? Suggestions? Ways to make our dream house magically appear in the exact location we’re hoping for? ;)



  1. Totally went through the same thing. I think I told you this but it took us almost 60 houses to find ours. And we would have our dads come with us too. It is SO overwhelming and exhausting! Hang in there.

  2. I went through this 12 years ago when buying my house. I’m was so overwhelmed by the time and energy it took.

    My advice is just to hang in there, enjoy the fun of seeing different homes and know that your time and energy will pay off. Until I found the place I bought, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted, and what I was willing to give up to have certain things I thought were necessities. When I went through the home I purchased, I just knew it was the right place – it felt right, truly like coming home. Just based upon the amount I know about you from your blog alone, I’m guessing you will, too! Still – it is great to have that second (or – in your case – 3rd and 4th!) set of eyes to point out issues/benefits of houses that you wouldn’t know until you have been an owner. And wonderful that you have such a supportive family.

    Hang in there – that first day I signed off on the mortgage (gulp) and got my keys… it was one of the most exciting days I’ve ever had. The hard work is soooo worth it in the end!

  3. it is a process, exhausting and fun at the same time… hopefully you’ll find Your Perfect Place soon…

    you probably want to take THIS kitchen and THAT bedroom, mix houses together?? :D

    good luck!

  4. I need the energizer bunny as well! I haven’t been through this process yet so unfortunately have no words of advice. But good luck!!! :)

  5. urgh exhausting! definitely makes sense that ur going to keep with ur budget and not settle for a price that doesnt seem reasonable. u totally need a boost, thats for sure!!!

  6. I think it is a good thing that you are taking your time, making lists and involving outsiders for their opinion. This is the biggest purchase of your life potentially, so it better be a good one. :)

  7. House hunting is so exhausting! Good thing you can take your time with it. Green smoothie as fuel – perfect!

  8. that sure sounds exhausting! i have a hard enough time with smaller decisions (although costly for my current situation), i can’t imagine when it comes to a house! glad you got some help looking though ;)

  9. Gosh we eat so similar! LoL

    No worries about the house. It’s definitely a good place to be in when you can casually look without the pressure to buy now. Good luck, you guys will definitely find the perfect place!

  10. when i was single and bought my first house i probably looked at 30 and finally settled on one still under construction so that i could have what i wanted. this time around i knew what i wanted and what i didn’t … we bought the first house we saw :) it just felt like home from the first time we saw it and i knew this was where i wanted to raise our kids. you will figure it out, just be patient. love you!

  11. Location is important, so determine how much you guys are willing and not willing to drive to your jobs. Maybe you don’t mind driving farther because you’ll come home to a house with a ton of land and privacy. Maybe you want to be closer because you hate commuting.

    Remember, wall color, wall paper, carpet, flooring, countertops, all that kind of stuff can be replaced easily and done by you guys. AND it doesn’t all have to be done right away. Do what you can when you can.

    Fences can get expensive, if you want one for Maggie, make it a priority.

    Mostly, like a few have mentioned, when you walk in a house you will know right away if it feels right or not. It will just seem like you belong there. It’s weird to say but this is our second home and both times that happened to us. :)

    I love house hunting! What I hate is going through all the offer and payment routine.

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