Brandi Says Relax

I keep thinking today is Wednesday, which means I get happy every time I realize it’s Thursday!

Because Nick and I are going to a concert after work tomorrow night, I switched my work-from-home days this week form Thursday to Friday. We didn’t want to leave Maggie locked up all long during work AND tomorrow night while we’re gone, so I went into the office today and I’ll be home with her tomorrow. Fun!

Today has been a doozy: busy at work, looking up houses, and just thinking too much about all of it.

So tonight will be the opposite: easy and relaxing.

I made us a pot of black bean soup + salad for dinner to start off my easy and relaxing evening.


Warm soup on a cool evening and a ton of veggies!


Easy to cook and easy to put away.

The dishes are done!

Leftovers are in the fridge!

Pajamas are ready, and I’ve got my new Real Simple and Cooking Light to dig into until The Office and football are on :)

I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful it’s Thursday.


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  1. Tonight was a soup night for us too – I had an intense craving for ginger chicken noodle soup that had to be indulged!
    Glad you’re getting some help/advice with the house search from trusted folk!

  2. I always cook enough so that we have leftovers – we ate ours up tonight!
    Have fun at the concert tomorrow!

  3. So weird that you thought it was Wednesday, I thought it was Friday all day yesterday!

  4. I agree…soup=total comfort..sounds like a great night!

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