Choco-Coco Kale

Remember that new snack I tried Monday?


Well, someone actually guessed right!


A few weeks ago, I received some samples of Blue Mountain Organics’ new Earth Chips flavors (disclaimer: the samples were free, but my opinions are my own).

One of their newest flavor of Kale Chips?



Ingredients: Kale, Cashews, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Flakes, Chia Seeds, Cacao Butter, Cacao Powder, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Bean.

Can’t get better than that!


I know – I thought it was crazy, too.

How could you put chocolate with kale and expect it taste good?


But the chocolate coconut coating was so, so deep and rich and flavorful! A few bites that weren’t totally covered definitely tasted like kale, but I like kale so it wasn’t a big surprise.

I think my favorite part was just how thick the coating was. It really made these kale chips crunchy, not thin and crispy like when you make them at home in the oven.

Two thumbs up from me!


Have you ever had a chocolate covered vegetable? I think this was a first for me.



  1. Chocolate kale?!! Kale is the one veggie I can actually eat, and I think I would like this – somewhere along the lines of chocolate potato chips?

  2. I never would have thought of chocolate covered kale…or a chocolate covered vegetable! But, I’m all about weird combinations even if I’m not a chocolate fan, so I’d probably try it :P

  3. Hmmmmmmm……..not so sure about this one. And I’m a choco-holic! I’d definitely give it a fair chance, though. :)

  4. I’m not sure. But if Jessica is right and they are like chocolate covered potato chips, I would probably love them!

  5. Whoa these sound awesome! I’ve never seen em before but..chocolate and kale?!?!? Crazy delicious.

  6. I always like trying out unusual never know unless you try! I didn’t even know kale chips in general were being sold..thanks for the heads up!

  7. I just made kale chips for the first time last night and I love them! Now, chocolate kale chips that sounds amazing!

  8. Recipe challenge! Think you could make these yourself?

  9. Wow! I’m surprised by this combo!

  10. I thought that green mess looked familiar :) I’ve tried the cheezy kale Earth Chips before when they made an appearance at my local health food depot. They were delicious and sent me on the hunt for nooch in bulk!
    I’m glad you liked them too! I’ll have to request that they order the chocolate chips.. that or I’ll be spending some money online.

  11. Chocolate and kale? uh, I would be afraid to try that one :D

  12. oh my… I think I would like this… I may attempt to make these myself!! :D

  13. Chocolate-covered veggies? Never tried them and don’t know if I ever will…sounds too wierd! :-P

  14. I sometimes put chocolate syrup in my smoothie with spinach-so technically I think I have had choc and veg together!

    These sound interesting, might be a bad habit to start though!

  15. I think vegetables are the only thing I haven’t tried chocolate-covered yet. Hmmm, you have me wanting to try some out! I bet the kale chips were really good chocolate-covered!

  16. Wow! This looks awesome, never would have thought of chocolate covered Kale!

  17. I’d be all over these. I love both chocolate and kale. Throw em together and I can imagine a party in my mouth.

  18. Wow. I love Blue Mtn, but I’d never noticed the chocolate covered kale before–crazy! I’m definitely going to have to find a bag :)

  19. how interesting! now i’m curious about making a batch of kale chips and eating them with chocolate!

  20. These are so intriguing! I totally need to try this…even baking them myself!

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