Unlikely Combo

Lunch today was a new mix.


I wasn’t sure how this would turn out (and it wasn’t very pretty) but it was great!


While I was working yesterday, I roasted some buttercup squash and broccoli. For today’s lunch, I mixed some of the squash and broccoli with some kidney beans, a diced local tomato, garlic, and some olive oil.

About 2 cups of this mixture and a HUGE local honeycrisp apple? I was stuffed.

Dinner was another taco salad – quick and easy, which was good since we were cleaning the house tonight!


Any new food combos you’re loving right now? Unlikely pairings that work?


  1. I love taco salad. It’s simple but fabulous.

  2. I think squash goes with or makes anything good. I love any mix of vegetables..it’s hard to go wrong!

  3. that totally looks like one of my dinners!!!

  4. Sometimes the most ugly food tastes the best. :-)

  5. Unlikely? This is definitely a meal that would frequent my house. :)

  6. Looks delish! I’ve been craving veggies lately and that would certainly fit the bill.

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