The Wrong Rice

After all the cooking failures I’ve had, you would think I would know which recipes to follow exactly and which ones can be open to interpretation.

Turns out, rice pudding is probably one of those recipes I should have actually followed.


This rice pudding didn’t turn out bad, but it wasn’t really great, either. And, after all the Food & Wine recipe successes, I know this failure is my fault. I tried to change too many things!

But I’m sure the recipe for this Coconut Arborio Rice Pudding is delicious. It’s my changes that made the difference and using the wrong rice wasn’t a good idea.


Tip 1: Don’t use leftover brown basmati rice in place of the arborio. It just won’t work the same!

Tip 2: Starting with UNcooked rice (even if I did use the basmati) would have made a difference in the outcome.

Tip 3: Definitely try using coconut + almond milks to make this. Maybe the texture wasn’t right, but the flavor was delicious!


Guess this means I’ve still got some work to do when it comes to rice pudding. It’s a good thing I don’t mind mess-ups in the kitchen!

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  1. Oh my, this sounds amazing. Rice Pudding never attracted me until now. ;)

  2. You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever had rice pudding before. Thanks for the tips and link! Looks delicious :)

  3. Eh who needs TEXTURE anyway! This sounds delicious.

  4. this looks and sounds great!

    I once used brown rice for sushi rolls. didn’t work – they fell apart. tasted awesome, though! :D

  5. Aww, rice pudding holds a special place in my heart. She’d always make it around the holidays and her rice pudding was so amazing.

  6. Eventhough it was the wrong rice it still looks great!

  7. I don’t know but you’ve just convinced me to make this, Brandi (you usually have that effect on me, ha!)
    I’ve been loving Food and Wine lately!

  8. i often learn so much more when i make mistakes! i’ve got the most recent issue by my bed, can’t wait to take a look tonight :)

  9. I have never had rice pudding before.

    I give you props for trying to make it. I’m a wimp.

  10. I love rice pudding, but I certainly understand how finicky it is! Slow cooking is the key :-) Glad you enjoyed the flavor!

  11. Hey! I’m a new reader and I’ve added your blog to my long list of others :D

    Just a tip on the rice pudding if you still have some left over.

    Take a hand blender and blend half of the rice pud (or put it in a food processor) and mix back in with the other normal half of rice pud.

    It makes it super creamy and more pudding-like!


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