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Definitely found a few that we like and a few that were basically falling apart, even though the pictures they had posted online looked fine.

I wish I could take a kitchen from one place and move it into a different house, but that isn’t an option.

The biggest thing we have to do now is crunch numbers and see what is actually realistic for us and what houses are sticking with us.

Exciting! But, as always with big decisions, it’s stressful and we’ll know that we’ll have to make compromises in some areas. There just won’t ever be a perfect house.

But it sure is fun to look!


Let’s have fun with this one: Describe your dream house! If you could have anything, what would it be?


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  1. I would so love to be on a house hunt right now! Well, I’ll just have to wait a few years.
    Good luck with it all!

  2. What great pictures!! I LOVE house hunting- well, until you get to the frustrating parts. :) I probably said things like “well if you could take the kitchen of this one, the yard of this one, and the bedroom of this one together I’d be happy” about 20 times I day when we were hunting haha.

    I didn’t know what I wanted in a house until I lived in one on my own, but now I’d say a big kitchen opening into a living room, a basement for a big playroom, a screened in porch/deck overlooking a big backyard, and lots of fun architecture. :)

  3. Ah I totally know what you mean, if I could combine houses it would have been so much easier!
    I can’t even fully picture my dream home, but I would want it to have a 2-3 tiered deck and a MASSIVE kitchen!

  4. I have no idea where/how I want to live or what my house should look like, but it’s fun watching other people find that :-)

    All I know is I’m going to need a HUGE kitchen.

  5. Oh wow, is one of them overlooking the New?! I would just swoon for a backdrop like that. I’m pretty much living in my dream home (for the moment, heaven knows I wouldn’t last in this cabin forever), but in the end I really want a farm house (with farm land & a barn!) with a big porch and a big kitchen. :)

    • Sadly, that was just the view as we were crossing the bridge :) BUT it was so pretty, I had to post it!

  6. It is so hard to describe a perfect house…I like a modern of modern, rustic, industrial…so yeah, that can be done in styling too. Of course a beautiful kitchen too…with lots of light! hardwood floors….

    good luck!

  7. What spectacular views!! I need a house with more natural lighting and a kitchen with some counter space!!

  8. Huge kitchen, walk in closets, double headed shower in the master bath, about 2-3 acres of land, granite counter tops in kitchen.. I could go on and on!

  9. Those photos are gorgeous..I can only imagine what it’d be like to wake up to that mountain view every morning!

    My dream house would be two stories but not too large, have a wrap around porch, be sitting on a lot of land so there’s room for horses, and be not too far from a good sized city. Hopefully I can find that someday..

  10. hi hon!
    Gosh, how fun you are moving?!!

    I just caught up on the blog, and saw you made a list of things you are nervous to try to make at home! I totally understand, girl. You might want to try my baked donuts, however!! They are pumpkin (you will love) and easy, shmeasy!! Promise!

    Many hugs,

  11. I like the red wall in that last picture!

    While I love our house because we are by the river, we have an acre lot, its quiet, no street lights or sidewalks, I love our living room because its huge (our house is only 1400 square feet, but its all one level). Bad thing is that the kitchen is in the back of the house and I always feel isolated – I sometimes make my husband watch t.v. in our small den off the kitchen so he can keep me company!

    So my dream kitchen would have a great room open to the kitchen – maybe some day? :D

  12. I LIKE THIS ONE THE BEST!! something about the vibe of the place feels really cozy. actually it feels like u already bought it, could it be the one…. who knows ;) hehe

  13. House hunting can definitely be stressful. I really like the kitchen in the last few photos. I hope everything goes well! Everything will work out the way it’s meant to be. That’s what me and my roommate kept telling ourselves when we were apartment searching. ;)

  14. love the house hunting pix!

    i would love a place with lots of sunshine, hardwood floors, and a big ass mordern kitchen. nice bathrooms too. and an outdoor space to eat. i could really go on and on…

  15. My dream place has a big kitchen with lots of counter space for cooking projects and hosting friends & family plus a great room where I can seat everyone. The rest is gravy.

  16. Love these pictures. I love house hunting. Andy and I are hoping to buy next year.

    I want a huge kitchen with a breakfast nook, an island with room to hang pots and pans overhead and tons of natural light! ooh.

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