House hunting takes a lot out of you!

I haven’t even uploaded the pictures of the homes yet, but I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

Lunch today was a creation I threw together in a hurry.


I knew I needed something for a few lunches this week, so, while I was finishing getting ready/cleaning the house, I cooked some quick-cooking barley in the microwave.


While the barley was cooking, I drained and rinsed some pinto beans, opened a can of diced tomatoes, and sauteed some swiss chard with garlic and olive oil. Toss it all together and I’ve got lunch for 3 days. Easy!

Once Nick got home and ate his lunch, we headed out to meet our realtor.

We ended up seeing 7 houses today and were out for 5 hours. Whew.

We definitely narrowed the list down! There were a few I was excited to see that were total letdowns in person and a few that surprised us. We still have some looking to do, but I’m glad we were able to look at so many this afternoon.

After we got back, Nick and I headed out for a quick run. I was really not in the mood to go after being gone all afternoon, but I’m SO happy we went! The weather was perfect for running – the sun was behind the mountains and there was a slight breeze to keep us cool.

Taking a few days off running makes such a difference for me. I felt great today!

And even better, we came home to leftovers :)


Nick grilled us some buffalo burgers last night, so we heated those up. I had mine on a big salad with some leftover roasted potatoes.

There’s nothing like eating dinner in your pajamas.

Fun house pics tomorrow!



  1. I second the eating dinner in your pajamas joy. Just did it :)
    Ah, house hunting.The only advice I can offer up is avoid condemned houses. Though that’s probably obvious to most of the population…somehow we slipped through the common sense cracks!

  2. Ugh, I remember those days of house hunting. Just wait, it gets even more exhausting if you can imagine. But it’s such a fun time as well! :) Enjoy love.

  3. I cook a big pot of quinoa on Mondays… then have bowls like yours all week long! so much easier, and I don’t have to put much thought into a quick healthy lunch :D

    house hunting is SO exciting and SO exhausting. we are *kinda* looking right now… my stomach just flipped typing that – I find a house that is a bit out of our price range and try to talk myself into it… ;)

    Good Luck – hope you find The Perfect House soon!

  4. Good to hear you ended up having a good run. The “I dont feel like it” workouts always seem to turn out to be the best!

  5. I ate dinner in my PJs, too ;) I can’t wait to see the homes you saw!

  6. Most nights I will always eat dinner in my pjs. There is nothing like coming home from a long day of working and getting comfy to cook up a good meal. :)

  7. oh man, 5 hours of house hunting sounds super fun but exhausting too!

    I love taking a few days off running. I always have a great run afterwards!

  8. Can’t wait to see what the house you decide on looks like! You guys should’ve applied for House Hunters! :-)

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