On The Hunt

The most exciting thing we’ve been up to lately?

We’re house hunting!

This past Sunday, we went to an open house for a home we’ve been looking at for a while and on Wednesday, we saw a few houses with our realtor.

I honestly have no idea if or when we’ll find our next place, but I’m seriously excited about this new adventure!

We’ve been watching House Hunters, My First Place, and Property Virgins like crazy. I’ve been reading up on Young House Love…multiple times a day.

And I’m extremely excited and slightly terrified.

But I will say – looking at homes online is fun, but not nearly as fun as seeing them in person. Pictures can be so deceiving, so it’s been nice to actually see some houses that we’ve seen online.

We haven’t found “the one” yet, but I’ll make sure to keep you updated!

I know our parents wanted to see pictures of a few of the houses we looked at, too, so here’s a few shots from the ones we’ve seen so far.

IMG_0453 IMG_0431





(This Victorian had the potential to be an incredible house. But we don’t have the time or money to do it, sadly. I felt like I was in Pride & Prejudice in this house!)





This view was amazing! I’d love to have that in any house.


Wish us luck! :) It’ll be a fun adventure!

PS: You know how I’ve never, ever posted a biscuit recipe? Well, now I have. But you’ll have to go check it out on Green Dog Wine today :) And no worries – I’ll be posting about it here soon, too.

PPS: My Pumpkin Spice Latte post made it on the Foodbuzz Top 9 today – wahoo!

Have you had your own house hunting adventure yet?

Tips? Tricks? Advice?


  1. House Hunters is an amazing show! So happy for you both to be looking for your house :-)

  2. Congrats on the top 9! That’s exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the quest for a new home! I love the stone fireplace in the green room, and that view is remarkable! Good luck with your search :)

  3. House hunting is so scary!! But the end result is worth it. Good luck!! :)

  4. House hunting is so fun and (for us anyway) so frustrating! We were looking in a pretty specific area and my husband is more picky than I am! We even lost the bid on a short sale. We actually ended up building our house, which has it’s own pros and cons.

    One thing I learned from it all is that no house is perfect. There are always things that you’ll have to sacrifice a little for the more important things. Good luck!

  5. WOW, that spiral staircase is amazing! So gorgeous and romantic. I’ve only done apartment hunting, so I unfortunately don’t have any tips (other than to check the water pressure!). But I’m wishing you lots of luck and I hope the process is enjoyable and exciting!

  6. we did this last year! it was fun!
    be honest about what you can and cannot do (and afford!). there was one house we looked at and loved, that needed a ton of work. we almost made an offer, but we realized it would be more than we could do, and it’d just make our lives stressful.

    and remember what you can and cannot change about a house. you can add in storage, fix ugly paint, redo a kitchen, but you can’t change the location, or fix a really weird room layout (we looked at some fantastic houses where the ceilings were so slanted upstairs my husband could barely stand up!)

    and have a clear idea of what you want, and how long you want to live there. i demanded a house big enough that we could have two kids in it, my husband needed a big deck.

  7. Fireplaces, porches, and picture windows: OH MY!

    Jealous that you get to make House Hunters a reality. :)

  8. Very exciting! Our house hunting experience was super stressful, lots of sleepless nights. It is totally worth it though! Those houses are super cute – good luck!

    During our house hunting months all I watched was HGTV, so fun :)

  9. thats too bad, the place looked SO BEAUTIFUL! i love victorian homes and homes that look modern but also rooted back to an era- such gorgeous architecture and framing too <3 good luck with the house hunting!! <3
    im sure u'll find the place thats "just right" <3

  10. Good Luck-hope you find your perfect place! Don’t forget-don’t get too emotionally attached to any house until it has passed an inspection by a reputable Home Inspector.

    Congrats on the FoodBuzz recognition and looking forward to the biscuit recipe!

  11. So exciting!! I wish you all the best and you WILL find your little gem. :)

    I am still a renter because we’re not sure if/when we’ll be moving cities/states. Once we settle in our final destination, I cannot wait to go house hunting!

  12. I loved house hunting! I can’t wait to see what you find.

  13. I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a house lol, I see myself as more of a condo person. But you never know! I can’t wait to see what you choose when and if it happens. Good luck!

  14. Congrats on house hunting; I’m sure that’s exciting.

    Also, I cannot wait to try your biscuits.

  15. How fun! My husband & I will sometimes go look through empty houses for sale just for fun. And that view is fabulous!

  16. have fun house hunting! we tried for like a month in LA but it’s so expensive it got depressing!

  17. this is so exciting! I can’t wait to see what you end up with!

  18. Good luck house hunting and super congrats for your latte!

  19. House hunting is so much fun! Have a great time, and hopefully it won’t get stressful as it can turn out to be sometimes..

  20. Houses look amazing, happy house hunting!!!! Congrats on making the Top 9.


  21. oooh I love house hunting! I always take a notebook with me and write down decorating ideas. I can’t wait to see what you find!

  22. I really like all of the islands in these kitchens. My dream is to have one with all of my pots hanging overhead from the ceiling. Good luck with the house hunting! I’m sure you’ll find your dream home eventually, and at least the market is in your favor!

  23. So exciting! House hunting can be so fun! (but also maybe a little stressful!) Love all the choices so far, thank you so much for the guest post, you are such a great friend!

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