Soup and Salad, Served


Thank goodness for leftovers.

Today has been busy! Working away…drinking coffee…taking Maggie out for countless bathroom breaks.

I was more than ready to break for lunch and very happy that my fridge was stocked and waiting ;)

Even better – I got a three-piece lunch from the depths of my fridge!


Finally – the last of the split pea soup. Still delicious, but I’m glad it’s gone :)



One big salad, right in the salad spinner bowl.

Romaine, carrot, tomato from our garden! (maybe the last? :(), broccoli, peppers, and a homemade dressing (olive oil, balsamic, dijon).



And a piece of cornbread, which will end up like this:


Crumble cornbread, eat one layer. Repeat until soup + cornbread is gone.

In other news, the weather is beautiful today! I’m actually looking forward to running after work, which hasn’t happened in a week or so because of the gloomy days we’ve had lately.

Plus, there’s a fun dinner on the menu and some other fun things going on (and football!).

Do you like putting bread or crackers or croutons in soup or are you a soup purist, bread on the side?


  1. Ugh I loooooove cornbread and dunked in soup=aaaaamazing!

  2. Aahhhh–my alma mater is playing to night! Big game for us–I’m excited and nervous. We still have a few tomatoes here and there, but they don’t seem to be very good quality once we pick them. Sad that the season is over :(

  3. Definitely a dunker-bread, crackers, whatever is on the side goes in!

  4. I like to dip bread into soup, but I don’t like it in there – it gets too soggy. I want that cornbread though!

  5. I like bread on the side! That way I get two distinct flavors and textures :-)

  6. I’m a purist. I am too much of a bread lover to mix it with anything.

  7. I’m a dipper as opposed to a crumbler, at least with bread…although I do make strange exceptions for cornbread (just like you!)

  8. I definitely like dipping bread into soup. I am not really a cracker person though!

  9. I LOVE adding croutons and bread to soups. Split pea soup with corn bread sounds good!

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