A Pasta Dish for Nick

My husband loves Mexican food.

Any chance we have to eat Mexican, he’s up for it. He once told me that he thinks his stomach was Mexican in its former life.


Yup. He loves it as much as anyone can love food.

So any chance I have to add in some Mexican flavors to our meals, I know they’ll go over well.

With all this dreary weather we’ve had lately, I’ve been trying to plan a few soups a week since they’re my favorite comfort food.


But today was gorgeous! Sunny, blue skies, and the perfect fall temperatures with a slightly cool breeze in the air.

There was no way I wanted soup tonight, but that’s what was on the menu.

I found out tonight that turning a soup into a pasta was a pretty good idea.

I took this Mexican Meatball Soup recipe from Food & Wine, used almost all the same ingredients, and just mixed it with some whole wheat pasta.

The result?

A spicy, flavorful, and filling dinner that took 15-20 minutes from stove –> table.


Even after a great run, showers, prepping, and cooking, we had dinner ready by 7:15 tonight.



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  1. HAHAH I love that! I think Nick and I have the same Mexican lovin’ stomach. Even with countless dietary conditions, mexican food is the one food my stomach does brilliantly with.

    Great dinner!

  2. I think me and your hubs are long lost relatives from a past life or something – I always tell the man that I question my Polish heritage based on my strange affinity towards all things related to Mexican food/flavors!! :)

  3. LOL! I think my stomach was mexican in a previous life too. I love it.

  4. That sounds great! my boyfriends family is mexican so I am pretty sure he’d go for it too!

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