A First Time for Tempeh


This past Friday night, Nick and I had dinner with some friends at Gillie’s, a vegetarian restaurant in town.



They have a great breakfast menu, but we had never eaten there for dinner so it was a new experience for us!

I decided if I was ever going to try tempeh, I should try it when someone else was making it for me.

I think that was a good choice :)


My dish had enough food for me to have the leftovers for lunch today, too. It was a big serving!

I ordered the tempeh and veggie stir-fry with brown rice and their spicy Kung Pao sauce.

The tempeh has such a fun texture! It’s a little crumbly, and the way they cooked it gave it a bit of a crisp on the outside. The flavor was a little nutty and kind of sweet.

It went really well with the veggies and the spicy sauce.


To add a few more veggies in my lunch today, I pan seared a zucchini and some pinto beans and added them to the dish.

Even with the extra veggies, that spicy sauce had me tearing up! My nose was running and everything – good and spicy :)

Also…I definitely “googled” how to pronounce “tempeh” before going out to eat Friday night. Dorky or not? ;)

Happy Monday!




  1. I’ve never made my own tempeh, but it’s sure delicious when someone else makes it! Not dorky at all that you googled the pronunciation…I’ve done that for seitan!

  2. I always google how to pronounce things when I’m AT the restaurant. Your way was much more polite!

  3. I love the texture of tempeh. I actually like it better than tofu. It’s also good raw so if you get the nerve to try it raw, you may surprise yourself. :)

  4. I’m glad your tempeh experience was a good one! It really is a fun ingredient – so unique! Recently I pan fried it in a little olive oil and chili powder and then crumbled it into the stuffing for stuffed peppers (in place of the usual ground beef). Its nutty flavor would make it taste great in a stuffed acorn squash for fall.

  5. Not dorky at all. That’s something I would have done!

  6. I love tempeh and I should make it more often. Glad you tried it and liked it!

  7. I love Gillie’s!! Their lunch menu is good as well! The tofu peanut wrap is a must try! I haven’t tried a tempeh dish, but i am gonna have to next time!

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