Peanut Butter, Please

Today is all about that White Chocolate Wonderful!


Since I used 1 cup of it in those pb cookies, I had just over a tablespoon left in the jar for breakfast this morning.

Perfect for a fun Friday breakfast!


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • about 1 Tbsp White Choc. pb left in jar


This held me over until just around noon (along with a few cups of coffee + water).

Lunches at home = Lots of big salads. I love being able to just grab stuff out of the fridge and toss it together.

Today’s lunch?

Sandwich + Salad combo.




  • romaine
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • pear
  • carrots
  • scallions
  • hard boiled eggs
  • avocado




2 peanut butter/dark chocolate chip cookies with smashed raspberries + jam.



This could be trouble.

PS: This blackberry jam is awesome! I won a prize pack from Crofter’s on their Facebook page a few weeks ago and got 4 new jams to try, just for answering a trivia question!


What are you having for lunch today?


  1. I’m eating subway!!!

  2. 1/2 whole wheat cobb wrap leftover from yesterday and my favorite Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps. I finally found them in my area. Good to know that Crofter’s is delicious, I was thinking about trying it.

  3. I just love Crofters and one day I will break down and get the White Chocolate Wonderful. After all of your raving, you’ve almost convinced me! I’m having roasted veggie soup, a piece of toast and a tiny apple.

  4. I had pumpkin quinoa with a lamb burger, but white chocolate wonderful sounds like a wonderful snack now!

  5. I am having leftover soup and a giant salad – mines with apples and lots of cracked pepper! :D

    Even though I was craving a quarter pounder :D

  6. I ate so much breakfast (we had egg casserole and mini banana nut muffins in the office) that I haven’t had lunch yet. Not sure what sounds good…

    I love Crofter’s jam!

  7. I love love love that kind of peanut butter! I got it for myself as a birthday gift and it was gone sooner than I would like to admit! ;)

    Lunch today was simple leftovers from last night. I am ready for the weekend and some meals fresh from the stove as opposed to the microwave!

  8. Ah! That peanut butter is truly addictive. :)

    I had one of my favourite flavour combinations today: avocado and mango. I added some coconut brown rice and fresh jalapenos for good measure. :)

  9. Holy geez that’s an awesome cookie sandwich!!

  10. Yum! I put WCW in my breakfast today so I’d get just a little bit closer to having a yummy OIA. I really want to try Crofters, too! As soon as I finish ONE jar of jam, I can justify the new purchase :-)

  11. That’s a dang good looking sandwich you got there. Love cookie sandwiches!

  12. You sure you didn’t make those cookies just so you’d have an almost empty jar for your oatmeal? ;)

    Love the cookie sandwich, btw!!

  13. Any day that starts with PB&Co is guaranteed to be a good one! :-)

  14. Congrats on winning the jam! That’s awesome! And, I LOVE that PB, but I actually think the local PB company here makes a better white chocolate one! You should check out Saratoga PB Company. They ship all over the country!

  15. jam n cookies! yum!

  16. your breakfast and lunch is very similar to what i have when i stay home too! a hearty breakfast followed by a huge salad. yum!

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