The Perfect Storm

Today’s crappy weather turned into the perfect running conditions.

All the rain stopped this afternoon, but the skies stayed overcast and there was a cool breeze in the air.

No run, slight breeze, no humidity = my favorite running weather.

I also think I’ve found the key to snacking before going on a run. I cannot have dairy, so no yogurt or lattes or cereal. I tend to do better with fruit, nuts, bars, or something along those lines. Also, I have to have it at LEAST an hour before I go. That’s longer than most people, but I would much rather eat earlier and run without horrible side stitches than to keep trying my luck. Today I had a banana and a few walnuts + raisins around 4:30.

All that to say – we had a good run today :)

4 miles, done. Nice pace, good conversation, crummy (but great) weather.

And we came back to some of my favorite leftovers of all time!


I think leftover split pea soup is my favorite. It gets SO thick after sitting overnight – almost to the texture of mashed potatoes!


Perfect with a little extra salt and crushed red pepper.

Plus 2 homemade biscuits + a little butter.


Full night ahead for me!


Watching football.

The Office.



Peanut butter filled post in the am!


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  1. I love split pea soup. Now I really need to make it. It’s my favorite.

  2. I can’t eat dairy before I run either. I don’t think many people can. It just sits like a volcano in my stomach.

    Glad you had a great run and a great night!

  3. That is the perfect running weather! Ever since it’s cooled down all I’ve wanted to do is go out there and run :)

  4. That’s my absolute favorite running weather. When it’s cool enough for a hoodie, I’m all about it! I get so much more excited to go when I know I’m not going to be sopping wet within 5 minutes.

  5. i’m so ready for this rain to clear out here too! it’s been constant pouring down rain ALL DAYYYYYY – so gloomy!

  6. That dinner is perfect or a stormy weather.
    I prefer warmer weather for running, I don’t do well when it’s cold :D

  7. Sounds like a lovely run in some good weather! And your leftovers always make me drool.

    *I checked out your recipe page, but could not find a recipe for homemade biscuits. Do you happen to have a biscuit recipe you could share?? They look delicious!

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