Thursday is turning into Friday and vice versa.

I usually work from home on Thursdays, but have switched up the days because of some plans tomorrow night, so I’m going into the office for the afternoon to get a few things done and will be working from home tomorrow. That should be a fun way to end the week :)

Before I make the drive in, I figured I would go ahead and eat my lunch at home.


We still have about 3-4 servings left of the mac’n’cheese with veggies and ham from the other night, so I heated up a bowl full for lunch.


The weather today is seriously gross. It’s gray, pouring down rain, and the ground is sloppy and soggy. Not a pretty fall day at all!

This bowl of warm, comforting macaroni was just what I wanted.


For some extra veggies, I had a side salad that I prepped last night while I was making my dinner salad. So much easier than having to chop everything at lunch today! The salad was waiting for me, and all I had to do was add a little dressing.

Time for me to finish eating, change clothes, and make the rainy drive into work.

PS: The house smells like peanut butter. You’ll see why tomorrow ;) It’s probably a good thing I WON’T be in the house the rest of the day…

What tips do you use to prep for meals? Do you pack your lunch/breakfast the night before? Cut up a bunch of veggies on the weekend? Freeze meals for easy weeknight meals?

List them here! I love getting new tips that help keep me organized.

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  1. I also prep meals ahead of time! I prepare any “cooked” lunches on the weekends, and a few dinners too. Then the night before I ALWAYS pack my lunch – such a time saver!

  2. I always pack my breakfast and lunch the night before. It saves me a bunch of time in the morning, but the bummer is, a lot of the time I’m not wanting what I packed. I usually eat it anyways though!

    I can’t wait to see what is making your house smell like my favorite food ever. :)

  3. I prep and package all our produce on the weekend for the upcoming week so that it is ready for any creation we feel like making. I wish I had lunch inspiration at night so that I didn’t have to make lunch the morning of, but such is life. ;)

    Excited to hear about a peanut butter dish!

  4. I like to cut up extra veggies if I’m already at it…especially with onions. I also love to menu plan based on my schedule for the day.

    And cooking grains ahead is huge. I cook a bunch of quinoa and use it throughout the week instead of making it each day.

  5. The basis for my weekday lunches is brown rice, so I keep a container of the stuff already cooked. Then when I am in the kitchen making dinner, I just throw together brown rice and whatever else is there and it is done! :)

    With the apetite my boyfriend has, there are rarely left overs. Sad, but true.

  6. This post made me crave some veggies. Thank you! Hope all is well.

  7. Your house smells like peanut butter? UGH they should make PB scented candles…I’D buy em!

  8. Somehow we never have leftovers at my house – 8 housemates ensures that. I feel robbed :)
    I tend to process tons of veggies from the garden or what have you all at once – chopping, dicing, freezing, so meals are a lot easier to make over the course of the week.

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