Scratch Made: Vanilla Sugar


Out of the all the containers on my kitchen counter, this one is my favorite.

I first received this jar of vanilla sugar from my friend, Christie, and I’ve been keeping it going ever since.


This may be the easiest “recipe” I’ve posted.

To make vanilla sugar, you need two things:

1. A whole vanilla bean

2. Sugar


That’s it!

No cooking, boiling, roasting…nothing.

Fill a container (with a lid) halfway with regular, white sugar. Add in an entire vanilla bean and top with more sugar.


Let this sit in the closed container for a few days so the oils and vanilla essence can get into the sugar.

And you’re done!


My favorite ways to use it:

– As regular sugar in baking (if I use this in baking, I leave out the vanilla extract).

– In smoothies.

– In homemade lattes.

– Sprinkled on fruit.


The best part is that you can just keep it going. Add more sugar when you’re running low. If you’ve had it for a while, you can replace the vanilla bean if you want.

Having vanilla sugar in the kitchen is fun. My sisters add it to their coffee when they visit, Nick loves it on fruit, and I like using it when I’m baking. It’s such an easy ingredient to have on hand, but it seems so special.

Vanilla sugar would make a great homemade gift for Christmas – it’s something that most people don’t have in their kitchens, but everyone could use.



  1. I have never done this and I must! Super simple.

  2. So simple yet so sweet. I definitely want to try this! I hear it works with even used vanilla beans

  3. That’s such a great idea Brandi!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. What a great idea. I must try this! Thanks!

  5. i just caught up on your lil’ bloggie, and i have to say – that coffee siphon is the funnest thing ever! i don’t even care that funnest is not a word. i love how that all works. i also love the looks of that vanilla sugar – i think it would even be fantastic as a body scrub, no?

    have a fabulous day dear brandi!!!

  6. This is totally a fabulous idea! I love using it as a Christmas gift. Or even a nice housewarming gift in a cute jar.

  7. Wow this is great Brandi! What a simple thing that no one thinks about — and like you said, a great gift too!

  8. This is a good reminder that I have no reason not to make this. Everything I have a leftover bean from a recipe I always think, “I really should make vanilla sugar” but of course I don’t. In the same way that everytime I eat a watermelon I tell myself that I should make watermelon pickles and I don’t do that either. Wow. I just made myself sound like someone with zero follow through whatsoever.

  9. i most definitely should make some for my kitchen :)

  10. great tutorial. i almost bought a container of vanilla sugar at williams sonoma for $8. i am glad i didnt, i can make my own!

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  12. Hmmm I wonder if this would work with my beet sugar?

  13. I have a containter of vanilla sugar actually-I just never have a clue as to what to do with it. I think I’ll use your tip and use it in baking!

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  16. Thank you for the sharing information about vanilla, nice post:-)

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