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After driving 2.5 hours back home this past Sunday afternoon, in the pouring rain, with a new mattress and box springs in the back of the truck, Nick and I had the fun(?) job of moving our old bed downstairs and the new one inside.

I should take pictures to describe how we had to do this, but it wasn’t very easy.

Our house is old (built in the late 30s). And small. And each room is tiny and only allows furniture to be in one specific place because of all the doorways and windows.

Because of this, we have to move big furniture outside and down the stairs on the deck to get them into the downstairs. So we had to move the old bed frame, mattress and box spring outside in the rain, down the deck, and in the front door before we could move the new one from the truck –> up the deck –> in the house.

It’s tough getting furniture in the house and finding the one spot for it.


In all honesty, this bed is much too big for our room.

But after laying on it in the store, we just had to have it. Plus, this mattress/box spring set was a gift! Nick’s dad won it in a giveaway and they’re stocked on beds in their house, so they offered it to us since ours is old and we had no guest bed.


This bed is huge compared to our old one. It’s a pillow top and a queen. Going from a non-pillow top full bed to this is quite a difference.

But seriously – Nick and I are already having trouble getting out of bed, and we’re only 2 days in! It is so comfortable. The mattress envelops you, like a fluffy cloud and invites me to stay instead of getting up when my alarm goes off.

I’m also in love with our new quilt.

This is the 3rd one we’ve bought in the past 3 weeks. The first two were returned once we found this one at Kohl’s this weekend – it’s light, airy, and keeps this monster bed from looking even bigger in the room.

While it’s not a huge change (like painting or rearranging – which we don’t have the option to do here), walking into the bedroom is like a breath of fresh air.

I love the new quilt, sheets, blanket, and pillows.


It may take up our entire room, but I think it’s worth it.

Besides, we won’t be in this house forever, right?


Have you done any redecorating lately?

Now I have the bug! I want to paint, purge old stuff, and/or move so we can have more space for this bed ;)


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  1. The quilt is beautiful! Simple and lovely. There’s nothing better than a new bed.

    I like your attitude of “you won’t be there forever.” I live in a very old, charming (awesome) apartment, so the rooms are really small. When I was picking out bedroom furniture I was really stressed, worried about how it would all fit and if it would overwhelm the room. A very smart person said “get what you like, you won’t be in that house forever.” And so I got it. And I LOVE it! :)

    Have fun redecorating!

  2. I haven’t done redecorating recently, but the struggle of getting furniture delivered with the poorly designed and narrow staircase I live up is always a battle!

  3. We have to do the same thing with our bed! We live in a loft and can’t bring it up our tight spiral staircase so went in the top windows…

    in terms of redecorating, just little things like lights, side tables, etc. We just got a tv to mount upstairs by our bed too!

  4. For me, redecorating means buy MORE books so that I can pile them around me….hmm. Well if that doesn’t make me sounds like a hoarder…..

    I love the quilt! And who cares if the bed takes up the whole room? They don’t call it a BEDroom for nothing, eh?

  5. I LOVE that quilt. It’s the right balance of pretty without being too feminine.

    Having a nice bed is an investment. Having a bed that is comfortable is going to go a long way toward keeping you healthy. You will probably find that you have fewer back problems and won’t have to go to the chiropractor as often. You will also get restful sleep which is good for your health in so many ways (weightloss/management, best defense for keeping sickness away, etc…).

  6. I was just thinking that I should probably buy a new mattress. It just seems like such a hassle and expense that I can’t commit.

    Glad you love it!

  7. Oh goodness I don’t know how you all managed to sleep in a full! We have the same pillow top queen style bed and it was the first thing we ever purchased when we moved in together. Best thing ever! I love my bed, especially in the winter with flannel sheets and a comfy heating pad!

  8. Love the quilt! Be careful if you let the dog up on the bed because her claws might pull at the threads. You might want to put some other blanket down for the dog to lay on if you let her up. Just sayin’! ;-)

    • Yeah, she’s not allowed on the bed – mostly because she sheds so much! She sleeps in her bed on the floor beside us :)

  9. wow, that does sound like quite a feat! i’m getting a bigger bed soon (i hope)… not quite looking forward to trying out mattresses. how did it go for you??

    • We loved it! We didn’t have a choice on the bed, though, so we had to like it since it was a gift :) But our old full size bed was NO match for this, so this one just seems like heaven on a bed frame.

  10. Oh I love, love, love the quilt!!!! My bed is semi-pillowtop…hahaha…cause I’ve made it that way! But a pillowtop mattress would be fabulous!!

  11. The new quilt looks beautiful! As for me, I finally got myself my own room and a new bed ;)

  12. I have the same quilt on my bed!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! :)

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