Honduras 2010: Down Time, Extended Family

Sunday in Honduras is our one day off “work”.

We get to sleep in, go to church, go to the Valley of the Angels and other spots for sight seeing, and hang out with our Honduran family. Our group that helps us while we’re over there has become more than friends, and it’s so good to see them but so sad to leave.


After eating lunch in the Valley of the Angels, we took a short trip to Santa Lucia, which has one of the oldest churches in Honduras.

This summer, our trip was right in the middle of their rainy season, so we got caught in the middle of a few big storms. You can tell one was headed our way in Santa Lucia, but it didn’t stop us from getting some good pictures.

The views are breathtaking and hard to capture on camera.

IMG_0173 IMG_0177

IMG_0183 IMG_0257

This was our group this year. 10 of us from the States and our adopted Honduras family. I don’t know how we would do these trips without them. They’re more than just drivers and hard workers – they bring us joy and smiles when days are rough and they give the best hugs you’ve ever had.






We miss all of them, every day.

But we also know that they’re waiting for us to come back, and they make sure to tell us!

This is my last recap post from Honduras.

Took long enough, huh?

These trips are hard to put into words, and I want to make sure I take enough time to digest everything.

Thank you for all the notes and emails about the trip! They mean so much to us, and we’re extremely happy to share about our travels, the trip, and all the details we can offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jovenes or our trips, don’t hesistate to leave a comment or email me! I’d love to talk to you.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with all of us, Brandi! I know that it can be incredibly difficult to put an experience like you’ve had into words, but thank you for showing us what your time in Honduras was like through stories and pictures. It sounds like such an incredible experience!

  2. Brandi, I have enjoyed each and every one of your Honduras posts – what a wonderful experience – again!

    I voted for you too! :D

  3. Hello Brandi,

    My name is Rosa and Im Marvin’s sister…I would like to tell you Thank You for everything you all do for Honduras People and all the help you offer the people…And for caring for my brother Marvin.. He always talks about you guys and the great things you guys do for everyone….God bless you all…

  4. I have truly enjoyed these recaps Brandi, this trip just seems so amazing on so many levels and I hope that sometime in my life I’ll get to experience something like this. Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous adventures with us through the blog! :)

  5. How awesome is the work you are doing in Honduras!! I too feel the burden of those in need and the need to share the love of Jesus with them. It is a burden that is very difficult to bear, but you just *know* when you are called to share Jesus in this way. I am praying for you and your work, and thanks for all the updates! I have listed your blog on my blogroll and it’s gotten several clicks, so I am sure there are plenty of my readers that are praying for you as well. Keep up the great work!

  6. i just caught up on all your honduras posts, and i loved them!! thank you so much for sharing and inspiring :)

    ps- voted for you!

  7. Definitely interested in learning more about the group you went with/have connected to. I just took a job in South America for six months, and I’m planning on hitching/trekking up through Central America, Mexico and back into the States, and would love to spend a couple of weeks in Honduras!

  8. I loved this post! I would love to get involved in a program like this.

  9. Wow–what gorgeous landscape and buildings they have there–it’s cool you still get to explore a bit on your day off!

  10. these honduras posts never cease to amaze me. you can be truly proud of everything you’re doing. your life is probably changing thousands of others’ :)

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