Polls Are Open!

The voting for Project Food Blog is officially open!


You can click here to vote – just click the little heart under my entry, if you’d like. Easy as that! And each person can vote for 400 contestants because that’s how many will be moving on to the next round, so make sure you vote for all your choices!

If you missed my Challenge #1 post, you can read it here.

As for my food today, lunch + dinner will both be courtesy of Food & Wine.

Lunch is the last serving of the butternut and chickpea dish from the other night.


Thank goodness for leftovers!

Today has been crazy with work – we’re just swamped lately, and I was happy to have something that just needed reheating today.


And…back to work for me :( Here’s hoping the next 4 hours fly by!


I voted for my favorites on Project Food Blog – did you?

Why do YOU love food blogs? What are your favorites lately?


  1. I voted for you!
    I hope you get selected!

    I also requested to be your friend, will you be my friend?

  2. I voted!! I love that everybody gets lots of votes- much more fun that way ;)

    I love food blogs because they give me food ideas, show it’s not impossible to cook good meals even if you’re busy, and I LOVE people’s narratives about food- I feel like I always talk to myself when I’m in the kitchen.. ;)

  3. I love food blogs because it’s fun to see all the creations other people come up with and to meet people who share the same passion for food :) Most people don’t understand it..but you’ll never be judged in the blogosphere for your crazy addictions :P

  4. I wasn’t planning on voting for anyone but myself because I’m lazy like that, but you kind of kick ass so I voted for you too!

  5. I voted for you!

    I love food blogs because I finally feel like I can relate to others. I’ve always been a foodie!

  6. I love so many blogs. Yours rocks of course.

    Why does your lunch look so much better than mine!

    Good luck!

  7. Love your blog, I voted. And even if you don’t win the whole thing, BranAppetit will still be one of my top food blogs!
    Good luck!

  8. I haven’t voted yet because I’m on vacation and don’t have a ton of time. But I will be voting for you because I love your blog no matter what!

  9. i voted! am hoping to see you at foodbuzz this year?!?

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