Honduras 2010: Sabana Redonda


Day 2 of our trip had us traveling 1.5 hours to Sabana Redonda, a town we had visited 5 years ago on our first trip.

We took a clinic with us and were there seeing patients all day long.


Sabana is such a beautiful town, and they welcomed us with open arms. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, and they also made us lunch.

When we first pulled up, it was a bit intimidating because almost the entire town was already lined up outside their school building (where we would be holding the clinic). They just waited for us, all morning, and we still didn’t get to see everyone. But they were gracious and patient with us, every step of the way.


Sabana also has 5-6 sets of twins, I think? We saw 2 different sets of girls that  we saw 5 years ago when they were really little.


I helped Jay fit glasses in Sabana (and the rest of the week). Thankfully, we almost always had the prescriptions they needed.IMG_0143


Our lunch that day was one of the best meals I had all week!


Spicy fried chicken, rice with vegetables, beans, homemade tortillas, and cashew-fruit juice that we want to find. This juice was the best juice I’ve ever had! They actually don’t use the cashew itself much – they grow them for the fruit that grows around the cashew nut, and now I know why.IMG_0133


I thought, based on my previous time spent in Sabana, that it was my favorite town we visited. And it’s amazing – the people are gracious and the town itself is in one of the most beautiful valleys in Honduras.

But Guinope, a town we saw the following day, turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip.



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  1. Wow, so awesome that you got to help so many people on this trip girl! Cashew fruit juice? I’m so intrigued!!!

  2. wooo!!! you’ve been traveling around the world!!! from Spain to Honduras? I guess you’ll be blogging in spanish soon! :)

  3. What an amazing thing you did there. Those people will be eternally grateful.

    That juice sounds fantastic!

  4. What a wonderful recap of your day there! Can’t wait to see about the next days trip!

  5. WOW love this Brandi, honey!! XOXO

  6. This looks like such a great trip. It makes me smile thinking about how happy you made those people. :) you are awesome Brandi!

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