The Perfect Weekend

Well…except for losing that football game, this weekend was perfect.

Filled with lots of get togethers with friends, phone calls with family, exciting news from back home, and lots of time outside! Plus an impromptu date night with Nick ;)

Since Saturday was rainy, we took Maggie out for a 2 hour hike yesterday afternoon so she could run and get her energy out.




After walking for 2 hours, taking some pictures, and making sure Maggie had just about run herself ragged, we headed home, changed and went to The Palisades for dinner!

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a Sunday night, and that’s the best night because they have live music from the band that lives nextdoor, Old Sledge.



I had their House Salad with Balsamic, crostini with hummus and tomato jam,  and one of the best pork chops I’ve ever had.




Seriously – I was completely stuffed after dinner, but I probably would have eaten another if I had the chance.

The local pork chop was seasoned with lots of rosemary and stuffed with an apple, cranberry, and cinnamon compote mixture.

It tasted like fall! I need to recreate this at home.


So good. A fun little date night was a great way to end our Sunday – almost completely unplugged, a nice 2 hour walk outside with nothing but the sound of the woods around us, and some snuggle time on the couch with Maggie to finish the day.

I’d like every weekend to end this way. I actually felt rested last night, relaxed, and ready to start my week.

What would be in your perfect weekend?


  1. That pork chop looks great. A perfect weekend would include relaxing, the sunshine, being with my kids and time to bake!

  2. That really does look like the perfect weekend! And it would probably be mine too – I like an equal balance of fun and relaxation!

  3. My perfect weekend has to have one evening hanging out at home in my pajamas, but also one night out to dinner with the boy or out with friends.

  4. ooh, what a fabulous weekend! sounds pretty close to mine, outside time, relaxing time, good food, and loved ones :)

  5. Ooh that game made me cry :(

    My sister told me Blacksburg was completely depressed and downing their pain Saturday night…

    But I’m glad you had a great weekend regardless of the game :)

  6. what a great weekend! Just what I’d call a perfect weekend too! :)

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