Nutella, Made Better

I’ve been excited for this breakfast since yesterday afternoon.

After seeing Steph’s post about her Jam Exchange for this year, I immediately signed up. I’d been wanting to try making my own jam and this gave me a reason to finally buy everything and do it!

The packages of jam were sent out this week, and my box showed up yesterday afternoon.

Only mine didn’t just have jam.


My Jam Exchange partner was Joy, and I was so happy to open up the box!

She sent me 2 half pints of homemade fig jam.

And this.


Homemade Nutella. Only this stuff is even better than the real Nutella.


Thick, rich, creamy, and almost mousse-like, I dug right in for a taste.


I made Nick taste a spoonful once he got home, too, but now I’m sad I did :) I want all of this for myself!

After that little spoonful, I knew exactly what I was having for breakfast this morning.

Raspberry Banana Nutella Oatmeal.


Happy Friday to me!



  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 cup water
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • raspberries
  • Joy’s Nutella

I still don’t get how this homemade nutella is better than the real stuff, but it is! If you can make it yourself with this recipe, do it. You’ll be happy you did.


I’ve got coffee to go and I’m ready to start my Friday!



Do you ever make your own nut butters?



  1. YUM! I actually just tried Nutella for the 1st time last month. I love it. Not sure I could make it myself but it might be worth a try.

  2. I love making my own nutbutters! My favorite is salted chocolate pecan… so good.

  3. I love making my own nut butter. My favorite is French Toast hazelnut butter. Mmmmm

  4. I love making my own nut butter and this home made nutella must be made because I can’t have the regular stuff anymore but miss it so much.

  5. I’ve never made any of my own nut butters but this homemade nutella looks fantastic! I just looked at her Joy’s site and it seems so easy!

  6. GOOD LORD. I wanna know how she makes it – can you get a recipe?!? Raspberry nutella oatmeal…I can’t even speak it’s so good.

  7. Wow – homemade nutella?! I am definitely going to give that one a try!

    Happy Friday Brandi!

  8. Oh wow, what an awesome idea! I never even considered making my own Nutella, but now I need to try! Enjoy! And happy Friday :)

  9. What are you doing to me?
    Nutella is banned in my house!
    (because of your Nutella Banna Bread)
    But who ever said homemade Nutella is banned.

  10. YUM! That sounds and looks so decadently delicious. Great way to start off Friday. For some reason today I feel like I’ve had a full week, even with Monday off…obviously I just can’t get enough of the weekend!

    I’m looking into getting a moderately sized dog soon, and I am in LOVE with Maggie. She is a Brittany spaniel? Did you guys get her from a breeder? Sorry if you answered this before, I’m just curious! :)

    • Yes, she’s a Brittany Spaniel! She’s awesome – we love her to pieces :)

      We got her from a Breeder in Harrisonburg, VA!

  11. I’ve never made my own nut butter but it’s something I really wanna try.. Yum, fig jam sounds amazing!

  12. I epically failed at a pistachio butter the other day…but your nutella sounds like a winner!

  13. MMMM, homemade Nutella?!?! That sounds amazing!

  14. The homemade stuff’s bound to be better since it’s probably healthier than the name brand. :P But it’s great that it tastes better, too! That’s hard to beat!

    I’ve made my own pistachip butter before. It didn’t turn out smooth since I had to deal with the magic bullet..but it was still delicious!

  15. Nutella is truly the nectar of the gods…I’ve never made a homemade version, though. Might be time.
    I make a black walnut butter from the trees around Asheville that’s pretty darned good, though hard on my much beleagured Vita-Mix!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Homemade nutella is the bees knees! And that one looks fantabulous!

  17. i love how you always get excited for meals, this definitely is not the first time ive noticed! it’s awesome. i can see why you were excited.. joy is such a creative person! yum!

  18. I love homemade stuff–it is usually better than store-bought. Glad your enjoying your homemade Nutella!! Maybe she’ll give you the recipe? ;-)

  19. Homemade NUTELLA?!?!?!?!?! swwwwoooooooonnnnnnn…. I am so jealous!! :)

  20. oooo I wish I got nuttella! yum! What did you send her??? I love making nutella at home :)

  21. ooo nice! I love making jam with agave!! thanks again for joining!!

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