Yogurt Surprise

Good morning!

Nick and I went to a small group meeting last night after work to talk about our trip to Honduras, so dinner was rushed.

But I’m glad to be back and happy that my blog isn’t broken anymore.

I’m also glad to be back at home and having breakfast.


It looks like a big bowl of yogurt with fruit, but it’s really…



Hot cinnamon oatmeal with greek yogurt and lots of fruit.


This and coffee with some frothed almond milk (thanks to my Nespresso frother from CSN) is just what the doctor ordered today.


Obviously, I’m sad about the game this weekend. But it was a great game overall, and we sure did look good!



My sister made our headbands! Aren’t they cute? I can’t wait to wear it again this weekend…or tomorrow to work ;)


Since the blog was down, I’m extending the Nature Valley giveaway – I’ll be picking a winner today at lunchtime, so get your entries in if you haven’t already!




  1. Glad the blog is back up! Such cute pictures on game day!

  2. You guys look so cute in your football gear! :)

  3. Mmmm….oatgurt! I love it. Mostly because the name is a word combination, and I can’t get enough of those. :)

  4. I was so sad about that game, but it was a good one to watch. You guys will still have a great season!

  5. You guys are too cute! I’m going to my first VT game in November (Georgia Tech–which, well, I’m rooting for GT being an Atlanta girl, but bear with me). Anyways, I can’t wait!

    The oats look awesome too–perfect start to the morning!

  6. I love the oatmeal parfait.

    And cute headband!

  7. those pictures of you guys are too cute ;) just dont tell the guys i said that!!

  8. All that fresh fruit looks great!

    And you and your sis look crazy cute – I luve it. :)

  9. I just love fresh fruit and yogurt!

    I wondering when I’d come across a VT fan in the blog-o-sphere. They played an awesome game. Could have gone either way! :)

  10. You guys look fantastic! Such cute photos. :)

  11. it makes me so giddy that you guys get all decked out for the game! your passion is the best!

  12. what the.. i just got interrupted and now i dont know if i commented or not but i submitted a comment.. i thought. ANYWAY if it didnt go through, i was rambling about how i LOVE how passionate you guys are about football. and, of course, how cute you all looked. :)

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